Corporal Punishment

Back when I was in school, I received corporal punishment. Boys had to bend over the desk of the teacher and got ‘six of the best’ on their bottoms with a long wooden ruler, or sometimes a cane. Teachers were not allowed to spank the girls’ bottoms, so we had to hold out our hands and received our ‘six of the best’ on our hands – three on each. For this the teachers either used a ruler, or a huge compass, which was used to draw circles on the black board. I hated corporal punishment. It was humiliating and it hurt a lot. Sometimes I wonder why, with my kink, the thought of being humiliated doesn’t appeal to me at all, but I think it might be because of being humiliated by the teachers.

However, it was not only in school that I received corporal punishment. No, I also got it from my parents. Mainly from my father, who punished us a couple of times a month. My mom almost never, but when she did it, we knew that we really deserved it. I didn’t hate the corporal punishment by my father as much as I hated his speeches afterwards. He always told me that it was my fault that he had to punish me. I carried a feeling of guilt well into my adult life.

Nowadays it’s different. I love being spanked. I love to feel the hurt, squirm against it, try to get away from it, and then gradually settling into it and accepting the pain. It doesn’t humiliate me anymore; it grounds me. This image is one from the series of our date with The Talker. Don’t you just LOVE the marks? I do!

Spanked with a ruler.
The Talker, the ruler and my ‘poor’ bottom…

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20 thoughts on “Corporal Punishment

  1. Oh my, I can relate to this. I received corporal punishment at both school and at home. At the time it was humiliating and painful.

    Now, much later in life I enjoy spanking and corporal punishment on a fairly regular basis.

    Great marks, I know how they would have felt.

  2. Those marks are just beautiful! I am the first to admit I’m a real wimp but that feeling of peace that washes over me once I’m done with fighting it is worthwhile.

  3. I have never had a sound spanking (although I am sure I deserve one) – but, being a little whimpish, those marks make me squirm and shudder (with fear and excitement though!)

  4. So ehm, yeah. Corporal punishment in schools. What was that all about??? As well as the humiliation that you mention, teaching minds that are still forming that you inflict physical violence upon another person if you don’t like their behaviour seems a little odd as opposed to perhaps other ways that could be explored. Outlawed in public funded schools in England, only in 1986….how progressive.

    Anyway, contrast the above against consenting adults who enjoy spanking for sexual purposes…..I’m all for that 🙂

    1. By 1986 I was out of school for 3 years and I think corporal punishment stopped in the early eighties…

  5. Those are some mighty fine bruises you’re going to have! Pain grounds me as well – I find that when I can sink into it, I feel release. So sorry to hear that you had to experience this kind of pain long before you wanted to – no child should ever be put through that. Ever.

    1. You’re right, no child should suffer this, but this happened back in the seventies, long before people came to their senses…

  6. “Settling into it and accepting the pain”
    I relate to this very well. I never really had CP as a kid but my fantasies about it go back to that age. This is a great image.

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