Naomi could barely suppress the nervous laughter bubbling up inside her. The last time she went to a funfair she was a child. Being this excited at the age of almost thirty almost seemed inappropriate. She looked up at the man next to her. Was it because Nick was with her? Was he the reason for her excitement? She looked at the beautifully lighted wonder wheel against the black sky. Even though she was afraid of heights, she would go in there with this man. He was her safety net.

Nick paid for the tickets. On the other side of the booth, inside the grounds of the fair grounds, Naomi finally exploded.
“I am so excited. Where are we going first? Can we go in the carousel? The big wheel? And I want cotton candy! Blue and pink and white!”
“Stop, darling, stop!” Nick laughed.
Naomi cocked her head.
“Where do you want to go first?”

They joined the line for the Wonder Wheel, while Naomi held a stick with the much-desired three-colored cotton candy. With her lips she pulled pieces from it and sucked it into her mouth.
“I want those candy-covered lips around my cock,” Nick whispered when he leaned closer to her.
Naomi blushed and now made a show of pulling off pieces of cotton candy with her lips. Nick leaned closer and whispered again: “You’re making my cock hard.”
“I can do more,” Naomi whispered and closed her lips around the cotton candy.

Before Nick could answer they were called towards the gate. It was their turn to get in one of the passenger cars. It wasn’t too busy yet and the attendants allowed them to be alone in a car. As soon as the car started moving upward, Naomi pulled up her dress to expose the minuscule thong she wore. She spread her legs, pulled the fabric to the side, tore off a piece of cotton candy and ran it between her lower lips before she put it in her mouth. Nick watched her as she repeated it a couple of times.

“I want to fuck you,” Nick whispered.
“Soon,” Naomi said and took another bite of her cotton candy.
The Ferris wheel turned bit by bit as people got on and off at the bottom. When they were almost at the top, Naomi moved towards Nick. On her knees between his legs she unfastened his belt and pants and took his cock out. She wrapped the last of the cotton candy around his cock, lowered her head and took him in her mouth. The wheel moved again; stopped. Naomi licked the last of the cotton candy from Nick’s cock. By the time the wheel moved again she had straddled him and buried his cock deep inside her. The wheel went round twice more before they had to get off and on the last round, another couple joined them in the car. By then they saat side by side, sated and enjoying the view.

“Shall we go to the carousel now?” Naomi asked when they were back on solid ground.

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