Tie Me Up is a Winner

I was going to write something totally different for this week’s Wicked Wednesday, until I saw this:

Golden Flogger Award for Tie Me Up, edited by F. Leonora Solomon
The Golden Flogger on Leonora’s legs…

Now I have had the privilege of meeting F Dot Leonora at Eroticon three years ago and have seen her twice again after that, also at Eroticon. And, I will probably see her at many Eroticons to come. You know, just the thought of this puts a HUGE smile on my face. Leonora is one of the most positive, bubbly persons I have ever met. She has a smile ready for everyone, shows interest and gives compliments like no one else I know. At the Radisson Blu in Bristol her laugh could be heard across the lobby. This year at Eroticon, she had me crying with laughter with one of her stories. I tell you, she’s not only a damn good editor, but a fabulous story teller too. Just thinking of that evening now, I am already smiling as in my mind’s eye I see her face, her rolling eyes, her playful dander as she told us about a trip to a place (sorry, I cannot remember where it was) that was much smaller than New York and where strangers talked to her or watched her and she clung to her suitcase… oh I cannot tell the story like she does! We all roared with laughter listening at her.

Back when Leonora edited ‘Tie Me Up’ she approached me for a story to include in the book. It just so happened that I had a story ready and I was thrilled that Leonora liked it enough to include it in her book!

Tie Me Up, A Binding Collection of Erotic Tales, edited by F. Leonora Solomon

Leonora, thank you for your hard work, for being as beautiful as you are and congratulations on the Golden Flogger Award for Tie Me Up! Well done you! I am so proud of you!

And of course I am very proud that one of my stories is in this award winning book. This is a small excerpt to my story, No Escape:

He ran his hand along the side of her body, walked around her and continued on to her other side. When he walked around for the second time, he paused to cover her eyes with a blindfold. Instantly all sensations intensified by tenfold: the rope hugging her, his hand touching her, her exposed cunt and her submission. Craig stood between her legs and touched her cunt, slowly pushing a finger inside.

“You are wet and ready, sweetheart. Are you horny?”

“Yes,” Nicki said blushing a bit. “I am.”

Against her expectations, Craig positioned himself between her legs. Firmly, he sucked on her clitoris. It did not take her long to climax, with his mouth still covering her button. He alternated between licking softly and sucking hard, until she climaxed again. The position she hung in did not give her any room to move, as yet another climax followed with his lips still tightly sucking her clitoris and his finger deep inside her.

There was a knock at the door. Embarrassment! Shock! Nicki tried to wriggle and close her legs, but only managed to swing slightly in her suspension. She wanted to speak, but Craig had already walked to the door and opened it. A male voice filled the room, and a shiver of shock ran down her spine when she heard her husband’s words.

“She’s ready for you.”

Tie Me Up, A Binding Collection of Erotic Tales, edited by F. Leonora Solomon, is available on Amazon. Come on, buy and read it. Who doesn’t want to have an award-winning book in his collection?!

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4 thoughts on “Tie Me Up is a Winner

  1. What a great snippet and what a nice, honest post about someone you admire and respect. I’ll be purchasing this collection ASAP!

    1. You won’t be sorry, it’s a great collection and Leonora is a fabulous person!

  2. Marie – Yes thoroughly deserving !!!

    And, as I mentioned on Oleander’s post last week . . .

    “As a proud owner . . . and reader . . . oh, and re-reader (quite often . . . in short little bursts, if you know what I mean! LOL!!!) . . . I MUST say this is a wonderful collection and highly recommended.
    As “perfectly-bound” as any Ebook can be !!!

    Oh . . . and I LOVE those legs! Can I suggest them as the perfect front cover for the next edition!!!

    Xxx – K

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