Tell Me What To Do, Please?

Many of you who have been reading my blog for some time might have noticed that I blog a lot less about our D/s relationship than I have in the past. There’s a reason for that and there’s a post in my head about it. I am just waiting for the right words and the right moment to write and post it.

Something that was very much a part of our D/s relationship, especially in the beginning, was tasks. Tasks could have been as simple as Master T telling me to wear my plug for 2 hours on a Sunday or as complex as some of the multi-day tasks he has given me, like finding 10 household implements to fuck myself with for ten consecutive days.

Master T has a specific outlook on tasks. He doesn’t want them to be simple tasks, but want them to be simple and original. I don’t mind what tasks I get, as long as I get a task to keep me focused. That was the way I always looked at it, and at a stage I found myself craving for tasks. You see, when we made the D/s commitment, we were actually already in a D/s relationship without ‘knowing’ it. Once we made the commitment, things were new and we wanted to try everything out. Master T read a lot about it and so did I. I went into something that you call a ‘sub frenzy’ and maybe Master T even went into a ‘Dom frenzy’, but he will deny it if I asked him. No matter what, I craved tasks and therefore suggested that we find me a task master. Someone who will be allowed to frequently give me tasks. Unfortunately only one person responded, and I just didn’t feel a click with him. So, we declared that idea failed. Deep down I still hope to find a task master, but I don’t know if anyone are dedicated enough to give me tasks and at the same time will be able to respect that there is a fine balance between giving me tasks and living my busy life as it is.

Why do I want tasks? Why do they work for me?
I want tasks because it keeps me focused. They work for me because they keep me focused. Tasks ignite my submission or let me slip deeper into submission. Knowing I am doing it for him and that I am making him proud is one of the reasons why I want tasks. Another reason is that I seem to have some kind of block in me to take initiative. I always have a ‘wait-and-see’ approach when it comes to sexual things, which means that if I’m not tasked to do something, it won’t happen. I won’t initiate it. I won’t ask for permission to masturbate but I will masturbate if he orders me to. I won’t insert my plug on my own initiative, but I will rush upstairs when he tells me to plug myself. I need to be told what to do.

Maybe you wonder how performing tasks set by a task master makes me feel more submissive to Master T? I will never perform a task for another man without Master T’s approval. This doesn’t mean that a man (or woman) can approach me and task me and then I will ask Master T for permission. No, it means the person approaches Master T first and they discuss the limits. Only when I know Master T has given permission will I perform the tasks. Even though the tasks are set by someone else, I know that I am doing it because Master T wants it and I am making him proud, hence the reason it satisfies my submissive side. One of the men that has permanent permission to task me, is The Traveler. He is a very busy man and has given me some tasks in the past, but that’s quite some time ago.

Sometimes I crave tasks. I want to do what I am told. I want to make Master T proud. If someone else tasks me, I want to make them proud. I want to make myself proud. It’s just the way I am… I need to be told what I should do. I cannot do sexual things on own initiative. If I do that, I feel guilty… tell me what to do, please?

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3 thoughts on “Tell Me What To Do, Please?

  1. I have what I think is a cool task for you to do if Master T decides its okay. Go to a drive thru fast food place topless place your order and then go to the window where you either pay or get the food topless of course tell us all how you felt, what the person in the drive through did? I did this with my wife and some other friends we had and I thought it was hot and erotic…Tell me what you think

  2. I need tasks to keep me focused too. It’s a real shame we are both absolutely useless at them, I forget to do them and he forgets to check. I guess our busy lives take a toll on occasions *sigh!

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