The Talker: The First Date (1)

We met The Talker at the end of last year and ever since it was in the planning that we would have a date with him. However, the first half of this year has turned out to be so full of ‘life stuff’ that it never got to a date. All this time I had contact with The Talker at least once a week and of course expectations were built. I learned that he loves anal (to give and to receive) but also that he wanted to dominate me, which of course I didn’t mind. We never spoke about what would happen in a session and so I had no idea what to expect. I knew that he and Master T had contact with each other too, but of course had no idea what they discussed.

The last month at my work had been utter hell with too many people absent and me some weeks having to work five instead of four days. I noticed that I am constantly tired and where I looked forward to the date and the two nights Master T and I would spend in the hotel, I was not nervous, neither did I look forward to it. My mind was so full of work and trying to keep up with my blog that I never played any scenarios over in my head of what might happen when The Talker was finally in the same room with us.

It was only when we checked into the hotel room and Master T told me to take off all my clothes and put back on only my dress and high heels that the first nerves hit me. We barely sat down in the restaurant downstairs when The Talker entered through the front door of the hotel. He immediately saw us. We greeted each other like friends do and ordered some drinks. I think it must have been half an hour later that we decided it was time to go upstairs. By then most of my nerves had settled, but I still didn’t play any scenarios in my head like I normally would do. I was a blank canvas, so to speak, in more ways than one.

Both Master T and The Talker sat down in the recliners. I walked from one side to the other, fully knowing that I have to take my dress off but I didn’t know what the right moment what would be the right moment for it.
“Do I have to tell you what to do?” Master T asked.
“No, I said, I guess I have to take my dress off,” and before he could see the nervous grin on my face I turned around and scooped the dress over my head. Now I was wearing only high-heeled sandals.

“Stand there so I can inspect you,” The Talker said and I went to the indicated spot while it flashed through my mind that I don’t particularly like to be inspected. Immediately I dismissed the thought, because this was another man, another situation and a whole lot of respect.
“Turn around ever so slowly so I can see all sides of you.”
I turned in a circle once and stopped.
“Keep on turning.”
I turned again.
“Now stop,” The Talker said when my back was turned to him, “bend forward and pull your ass cheeks apart so I can see what you have to offer.”
Without hesitation I did. It was quiet for a short while and then The Talker said: “Such a beautiful cunt.”

“You brought glass dildos with you, right?” The Talker asked.
I confirmed this and he ordered me to get it. I handed it to him.
“On your knees and open your mouth.”
He pushed the dildo into my mouth.
“Lick and suck it like you would do my cock.”
I did my best to do so, even though there’s a significant difference between how you suck a hard glass dildo to how you do a hard cock.

Glass dildo play
Legs spread and playing with my glass dildo while being watched by Master T and The Talker.

“Lie down and fuck yourself with the dildo. I want you to beg me to come.”

I climax a lot easier when either I play with my clitoris or someone else handles the dildo, but I lay down, spread my legs and started playing. I was wet enough for the dildo to slip inside after a couple of pushes.
“Yes, like that. Fuck yourself. Imagine that it’s my cock slipping in and out of your cunt.”
It took quite some time but eventually I felt my orgasm building.

“May I come?” I asked when I was really close.
Damn. Disappointment. I expected a no, but still I was disappointed. My first orgasm is always the hardest. I stopped pushing in and out for a second or so, to let my urge to climax fade and then I started pushing in and out again. The Talker denied me my orgasm a second and a third time.
“Keep on going, but you’re not going to climax because then you would want to stop.”
“No I won’t,” I assured him while at the same time I wondered if he had read my blog to know that the more I climax, the more I want. I worried, because I felt myself getting drier because of the denied orgasms.
Thankfully, Master T intervened.

To be continued… The Talker: The First Date (2)

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