Summer holidays

It hit her in the shower. Her body tensed. Her clitoris perked up; her nipples hardened. Release. That was what she wanted. Needed.

Ally never joined the rush of the summer holidays. Every year from the beginning of the year she listened to her colleagues talking about their summer holidays. Where would they go this year? A trip by plane to a tropical resort or a road trip to the colder parts of the country, where they could go camping and climbing in the mountains. They talk about how expensive some trips are, how they want luxury or rather go back to basics this year. Every year it was the same – colleagues stressing about which destination to choose for the summer holidays.

She folded the big soft towel around her and with wet feet, she crossed the landing between the bathroom and her bedroom. Wet footsteps on the wooden floor followed her to her bed. Ally dropped the towel and ran her hands over her body.

“Do you have plans for the summer holidays, Ally?” they asked her every year.
“No, don’t worry about me. I will keep things going here.”
She never took time off over the summer holidays. She preferred to do so during fall. That was her favorite time of year. No fretting about where she would go. Ally either stayed home for her annual holidays or got in her car and drove around the country, sleeping in a different place every night, or every other night.

She cupped her breasts and squeezed. Her clitoris responded; her cunt did too. A longing built inside. She squeezed harder. Her fingers trapped her nipples; pinched softly.

This year it was exceptionally busy during the summer holidays. For four weeks Ally ran the office by herself and at times she wondered if she would manage to get all the necessary work done. In the end she managed. Barely. On Monday her two colleagues would be back again. She slept in on Saturday, allowing herself to unwind after the intense weeks at the office. It was midday when she got out of bed, went downstairs to make a cup of tea and a sandwich and read the newspaper. Two more cups of tea followed before Ally went back upstairs for a shower.

Ally sank to the floor, resting her back against the bed. One hand found the building wetness between her legs, the other still cupped a breast.

In the shower she washed away four weeks of work. Ally threw her head back and allowed the hot stream of water to massage her body. Her shoulders relaxed. Her head felt lighter. Her body seemed to wake up from a period of hibernation. For weeks all she did was work. No fun. No play. Ally could hardly remember when she had her last orgasm. All she did for the past four weeks was work, eat sleep. Work, eat sleep. Repeat.

Two fingers pushed in deep and came out wet. Wet with her longing. Her need. Her nails gently caressed her erect button. Ally shivered and pulled her nipple, pinching harder. The self-inflicted pain had her moaning. Pressing down hard she rubbed. Bucking her hips she fucked. Her clitoris. Her fingers. Pinched. Her nipple. Moans. Loud. An orgasm raced through her body. From south to north. From west to east. From the outside in and the inside out. Her core relaxed. Her body slumped.

Relaxed and renewed Ally accepted the invitation of the sun to go outdoors. The longing was stilled.

For now.

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  1. If I have to choose between a summer holiday and an orgasm, give me the orgasm!

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