Balance Beam

Balance beam gymnastics

Nadine ran four meters, jumped on the springboard and landed on her feet on the balance beam. A half turn to the right and one step forward brought her almost to the edge of the beam. Three backflips followed. Only with the third she didn’t land on her feet, but spread her legs and lowered herself to the beam, swinging her legs to the front and back again. She stopped, slightly distracted.

She cocked her head and listened. Nadine heard only silence. This afternoon she wanted to be alone in the gymnastics hall. Her trainer didn’t want her to train alone, but she assured him that it was the perfect preparation for the oncoming competition. It was important for her to get in the right headspace. Reluctantly the trainer gave her the keys to the gymnastics hall and told her to keep her phone on so he could check on her.

Nadine loved training alone. Her concentration was better when her teammates were not around. But, there, when she stopped on the balance beam, she realized that there was one thing she hadn’t taken into account. Ever since she was a teen, Nadine instantly felt horny when she was alone in a space where normally she would be surrounded by people. She had been so focused on training alone before the competition that she hadn’t thought of that. The young woman had no idea why this happened to her. There was just something about being alone in a space that ignited these feelings in her. Even now, in her twenties, when her parents and sister weren’t home, Nadine masturbated downstairs on the couch, knowing that the moment the front door opened, she would be seen. Or on the kitchen counter, feeling the mixture of fear and excitement that one of her parents might come in through the back door.

She shook her head, swung her leg over and hopped off the beam. Nadine re-positioned the springboard, walked backwards, counting her steps and stopped. She breathed in deep and breathed out slowly, calming herself. She repeated her earlier moves. Run, jump, half turn right, one step forward, feet next to each other. Another breath. One, two three backflips. Legs spread.
The moan escaped her mouth. Nadine swung her legs back again, the forward, rolling her pussy over the relentless hardness of the balance beam. Her body shivered with horny feelings. She pushed her leotard and knickers to the side and smelled her arousal.

It was now her naked pussy touching the beam as she frigged her private parts against the smooth wooden surface. Nadine’s fingers found her wetness as she rested her feet on the beam, her knees bent, her legs spread. Her swollen clitoris demanded all her attention. Trained fingers swiftly brought a releasing orgasm. Nadine allowed her feet to slip off the beam as she leaned forward and rested her body on the hard surface.

Her body had barely touched the beam when she sat up again, startled and fumbling to get her leotard back in place to cover her private parts. From somewhere in the hall someone clapped. Slow. Determined.

Clap. Clap. Clap.

Her thoughts were a mess.

Who was it? How? When? Where?

She jumped off the beam and at that moment movement caught her eye. The newbie on the men’s team seemed to have had a front row seat to watch her performance. She blushed bright red and as he walked down the stairs from the spectators platform towards her. She turned around and pretended to be busy with the springboard. She was here to train, after all. The fact that she had watched him in the past weeks and that she liked his looks didn’t help to calm her nerves.

He put his foot on the springboard. Nadine was forced to stand up and face him.

“Thanks for the show,” he said.

She blushed, but refused to avert her glance. She pushed her chin forward; her eyes locked with his.

“Maybe one day you can give me a private show.”

Before Nadine could say anything, he continued: “Shall we get on with the training? There’s a competition in a week.”

She watched him as he walked away, to the pommel horse. Nadine smiled. The thought of a private show appealed to her. Who knows…

But he was right. They had a competition to prepare for.

I love the Olympics! I love watching almost all sports, but the one sport I stay up late for is gymnastics. I was a gymnast myself, about 35 years ago and I love to see the development the sport has gone through. We thought we were good back then, but damn, when I look at the gymnast now, we were nothing compared to them! Simone Biles… what a gymnast. She is SO good. But, of course the one thing I am incredibly proud of is the gold medal Sanne Wevers won on the balance beam. Amazing!
As for the balance beams and pussies… some movements really do feel quite good, but believe me, when you’re busy training, sex is definitely not on your mind!

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  1. This is so amazing! I had a conversation with Exhibit A last week about what Olympic sport if do if I could choose just one. I chose the beam. This puts a whole new spin on it!!!

  2. I LOVED this Marie . . . a very arousing start to my morning!!!
    Now as my colleagues are coming into the office I have to quickly log-off and try to look normal . . . but I’m feeling very flushed . . . and hot and sticky!!!
    Xxx – K

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