LCHF #6 – Love My Results

Continued from… LCHF #5 – Less Ketosis

Ketosis on 7 August 2016
I couldn’t decide whether the result of ketosis was + or ++

I don’t seem to have any difficulty anymore to watch what I eat or to keep me to the diet. Yes, sometimes I come out with a bit more carbs than I wanted for the day – I try to average around the 25g a day – but when I started this I have decided that I am not going to panic if something goes ‘wrong’. I am in this for the long run (read: for life) so taking it day by day is the way to do it. However, it is nice when you see results of course, which thankfully, I do.

I don’t plan my daily meals ahead. Okay wait, I have to say that differently. I plan my daily meals ahead, because I have to make sure I have everything in house for the lunch I take with me to work. But, what I don’t do, is to count the carbs by logging them on MyFitnessPal. I use my common sense when I decide what I am going to eat. This results in me some days eating 20g of carbs and other days 30g. It is what it is and I still have success with losing weight and centimeters. This is something I have to do for life, but I don’t want it to control my life. I want to live and not be defined by a diet.

I am proud of my progress up to now. Yesterday I was down 1.5 kilograms from last week Saturday, 1 kilogram from last week Sunday. I am happy and I am starting to love the numbers on my scale again, even though I still have a long way to go.

Results for 7 weeks are as follows:

  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • Waist: 12cm
  • Hips: 9cm
  • Over bust: 6cm
  • Under bust: 4.5cm
  • Thighs: 4cm each

My weight in week 7

On to week 8!

To be continued… LCHF #7 – Dropping Graph

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