Framed Up

Shoot from below… that’s this month’s challenge for Sinful Sunday. Every month when I get the email with the challenge, I tell Master T what it is and leave him to come up with an idea, as he is the one who takes most of the pictures you see on this blog. Only some of them are ‘selfies’. This month he came up with an idea very quickly… and I ended up being framed!

Even though he came up with the idea about two weeks ago, we only executed it yesterday. I put on a net catsuit and really loved the way it looked. I felt good, I felt sexy and I was ready for the photoshoot! And for some orgasms, which I got after we made the Sinful Sunday photos and before we made the photos that might feature in future Sinful Sunday posts.

A reflection of net panties and my pussy.
He framed me!

© Rebel’s Notes

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Sinful Sunday
This post has been chosen as one of the top 5 posts for this week’s Sinful Sunday and this is what Molly said about it:

This is such a clever image. The mirror adds depth to the shot making Rebel appear to be further away than she is whilst also framing her perfectly. It must have a been a slightly tricky shot to get as well without getting the camera in the reflection.

16 thoughts on “Framed Up

  1. I really enjoy the images but also the back story about your relationship and things you do together. Lovely to hear of people having fun ?

  2. This is wonderful! I love that catsuit and the framing creates a perfect portrait of your vulva. Framed not only by the frame, but by the cat suit as well. Very clever!

  3. I am always a huge fan of your Sinful Sundays post, and yet again… Amazing. Sexy and the play of pattern depths is wonderful. Love it.

    X Newty

  4. Clever Master T indeed. I love how the mirror has given the image greater depth and the slight grain it has added to it. Brilliant photo


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