Spot The Difference

Today is Friday, and that means Boobday!

Now I have been noticing something over the last couple of weeks. My breasts have been shrinking!

When I lay in bed at night and cover my breast with my hand (it’s a habit I have while I’m reading naked in bed) I can feel that my breasts are smaller.

Can you spot the difference?

A comparison picture after two months of diet.
The difference after dieting strictly for two months…

The day I started the diet, I took some pictures of myself… typical selfies, holding my phone at arm’s length from my body. I hated what I saw. For months, maybe years I have told myself that I don’t look bad, but I came to a point where I knew I was lying to myself. I was feeling less and less confident about myself and I knew I had to do something

I finally did, and now after two months, I decided to take some pictures in the same manner again. Above is the result. I’m not where I want to be yet, but I am feeling a damn deal better about myself than I did! It’s not only my boobs that are smaller, which makes it a better picture all over. I knew my breasts would shrink, as  I never had big breasts.

I know this post is not only about boobs, but I wanted to share it here anyway. Hope Hy approves!

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12 thoughts on “Spot The Difference

  1. Looking amazing, I have been doing something very similar and am also pleased with the results. Keep up the good work xx

  2. You look fantastic! It’s crazy what diet / exercise can do to your breasts; mine have shrunk a whole cup size since I started lifting weights!

  3. Gorgeous . . . not only for the difference . . . but I also just love the angle and the tone!
    Lovely . . . and I so need to check your diet schedule now!!!
    Very motivating . . . and very lovely!!!
    Xxx – K

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