Chocolate Covered Ice Cream

Ice cream with chocolate sauce

She slowly poured the hot chocolate sauce on the vanilla ice cream and watched as little rivulets of brown ran down to settle in the cold. Ivy loved a good Dame Blanch, but today her thoughts were not only with her dessert. From the corner of her eye she watched him on her right. He had warm apple pie and a scoop of ice cream for dessert. It was not the way he ate that had caught her attention. Her eyes were fixed on his left hand which rested – seemingly nonchalant – on his thigh. His thumb moved up and down over his crotch, caressing his denim-clad cock.

Keeping her head down and slowly eating her ice cream, she watched his thumb and listened to the conversation of her colleagues around her. There were seven of them, eight if you counted her, and this was their annual dinner out before the summer holidays started. It just so happened that she ended up sitting next to Patrick on this side of the square table. Ivy squirmed in her seat as a shiver awoken her loins and her nipples hardened. She blushed, but it went unnoticed in the low light of the restaurant. She glanced towards Patrick, who glanced back, smiled and then continued talking with the male colleague on his right.

Another spoonful of chocolate-covered vanilla ice cream moved towards Ivy’s mouth. Her eyes were back on the crotch next to her. She breathed in deep. His cock was unmistakably harder. His thumb traveled the full length, from his balls up to where she imagined the tip must be. He spread his legs a bit more; pushed down harder with his thumb. Ivy’s spoon hovered above her ice cream, her mind drifted.

I want that to be my thumb so I can feel him getting harder under my caress. I will open the zipper and slip my hand inside. His firm member will be warm and he will breathe in hard when I pull his cock from his pants, taste him on my tongue and fuck him with my mouth. I will look up at him when he comes in my mouth. I will swallow him the way I do this ice cream. Maybe I could pour chocolate sauce on his cock before I suck him. Now wouldn’t that be delicious. Oh god, I better stop these thoughts. I’m getting myself all wet.

“Right, Ivy?” Patrick suddenly said, startling her.
She blushed, not knowing what the conversation was about and wondering whether he had seen that she had watched him. Her eyes involuntarily flashed downward with this thought. Damn, why did I do that? In his eyes she saw that he had noticed. Her eyes fixed on the dimple in his chin while they register that he cupped his sex with his full hand. She pushed her legs together. He looked down and smiled, nodded.

“We’ll talk about it on Monday. Enjoy your… dessert,” he said. The little pause before and the emphasis on the word ‘dessert’ tightened her nipples. She nodded, glided her eyes to his crotch, back up to his face and smiled sweetly.
“From the looks of it your dessert is delicious too.”
Patrick brought the spoon to his mouth one last time to finish his dessert.
“I’ll have a taste of yours… later.”

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