Pull My Chain

Two weeks ago we had a date with a dominant man, someone we have met briefly at the end of last year and whom we have wanted to have a date with ever since. Finally it was time to see The Talker again, and I had no idea what to expect. I was too busy in the weeks before to even start anticipating what he might do. All I knew is that he wanted to ‘play’ with me and played with me he did. Master T had taken quite a lot of toys with him, which meant that The Talker could choose what he wanted to use. When I saw him reach for the clover clamps, I moaned. Those fuckers hurt so much and I didn’t know if I was up for the pain. This was not the first pain of the afternoon (more about this later) but it was definitely the most intense pain I had. I moaned, I squirmed, I pulled ugly faces, but The Talker was relentless. He told me how much I liked it and that I shouldn’t moan as much. He pulled on the chain, which made the clamps tighten around my already tender nipples. I couldn’t stop the tears…

Clover clamps on my nipples and The Talker pulling the chain.
My poor nipples… The Talker pulls the chain on the nipple clamps.

After the clamps were removed, The Talker sat down next to me and helped me to drink some water. He wanted to know if I was okay. I smiled and nodded. I really was okay, and even though I hated the clamps, the intense pain and the fact that I almost cried, grounded me. I needed it.

A lot more happened that afternoon and I will definitely write about it in the weeks to come, once I have more time to write. It just seems like my days don’t have 24 hours anymore.

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