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For those of you whom have been reading my blog for quite some time it won’t come as a surprise when I tell you which of my vibrating toys are my favorites. But, I have others I like too, but also some I hate. Before I get to that, I have to say this: I still remember the time when I held my first vibrating toy in my hand back in my early twenties and giggled like an innocent school girl. By then I already had two children, but still a vibrator was this alien thing to me, something to giggle about and something to never talk about. How times have changed for me…

Used once and never again

In the past years I have received several vibrators to test, but some of then I have used only to test, and after that have never used them again. The reason I never used then again was either because I rather reach for my favorite vibrator(s) or because the vibrators made too much noise or just didn’t live up to expectations. There are two vibrators in my collection that I should actually use again, but they are in their boxes in a trunk under my bed and it’s just such a nuisance to get them from there. Maybe I should pack the G-vibe and my Silver Swan when we go away for a weekend again.

Three favorites

I have three favorite vibrators, although I nowadays only use two of them.

  • Better than Chocolate 2
    This little vibrator has been used so much that it has a little tear in it. It’s small and formed to the curve of my pussy. When I trap it between my legs and buck my hips a little, I alter the feeling of the vibrations against my clit and it sends me over the edge time and time again. This vibrator has proof its worth for quick orgasms. I don’t use it that much anymore, ever since we’ve bought the Womanizer Pro.
  • Womanizer Pro
    Now this toy has quickly become my favorite to use at home. It’s quiet and it gets me to the point of orgasm even quicker than the ‘Better than Chocolate 2’. What’s great about this toy is that I can edge with it, and I can edge with it for a long time. It makes my loins burn and beg for an orgasm, but mostly (not always) I can stop before my climax is a fact. The moment I put that little mouth of the Womanizer Pro over my clitoris and feel the little puffs of air, I am sold. Just like with the ‘Better than Chocolate 2’ I manage to trap this toy between my legs and allow it to tease me. Sometimes I walk from one side of the room to the other while it ‘sucks’ me and sometimes I am on my knees on the bed or the floor, wishing someone would fuck me from behind while the toy teases my clitoris.
  • Doxy
    Have you been following this blog for longer? Then you know that the Doxy is my absolute favorite sex toy. I love the feel of the big round head sending its vibrations through my cunt and then concentrating on my clitoris, drawing my orgasm from me. It’s an instrument of torture if it falls in Master T’s hands, and an instrument of intense pleasure when I am at the controls. (Oh, don’t tell Master T, but I like when he tortures me like that). I have the first version of the Doxy and it has only one downside: it’s noisy. I mainly use it when we are in hotel rooms.

Possible favorite

20151025-004wm doxy piercing
The Doxy and me…

Because of the noisy Doxy, there is one toy that might become a favorite to use at home – the European Magic Wand. Some months ago I have been sent this toy to test for a Dutch sex shop and I love how quiet it is. I haven’t used it since I tested it, because I actually always reach for my Womanizer Pro here at home, but the European Magic Wand has the possibility to become a favorite here at home.


Sometimes I use a vibrator twice a week, other times two months go by without me reaching for any kind of toy. I must be on the mood to use one, and frankly, I still rather prefer Master T’s fingers, or if he tells me to, my own. The touch is so much different and satisfying from the mechanical touch of a toy.

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  1. I do love to hate my Hitachi! I never reach for toys when masturbating alone, I just haven’t found anything that works for me and testing to find one gets expensive!

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