Sunburn Story

A true sunburn story for this week’s Wicked Wednesday, and it’s not particularly sexy.

When I was a teenager I was very much into lying in the sun to get the perfect tan. In the garden, next to the pool and on the beach. I think I must have been about 14 years old when I one day fell asleep on the beach and had blisters on my shoulders when I woke up. Did that prevent me from going back to the beach the next day? No way! Maybe that’s why I have so many freckles on my shoulders.

As I got to my twenties, I didn’t have the patience anymore to lie in the sun for hours. I had two small kids who demanded my attention. In my late twenties my mom was diagnosed with skin cancer, which made me decide never to lie in the sun anymore with the sole purpose to tan. It didn’t stop me from going out in the sun though.

My best friend and I used to go to the spa quite a lot and loved to lay outside on the sunbeds and talk. Or to swim or sit in a bubble bath, also talking and sharing experiences. On two of these occasions I burned really bad.

The first time – this was before I met my friend – I was at the spa with my mom, aunt and cousin. It was June and a nice sunny day. My cousin and I were in and out of the outside pool, enjoying ourselves and talking to our mom’s while we sat on the side of the pool, our feet in the water. We were all naked, but none of us thought about sunburn. It was only when my aunt started laughing and pointed at my breasts that we thought about it. I didn’t think it was that bad until we moved to the cold pool, where I got out much quicker than I went in. I was as red as a lobster…

These images are about 15 years old!

The week after that was pure hell. The stretch marks I had on my breasts were so burned that they had turned into open wounds. I could barely handle my arms brushing against my body. I vowed never to get us burned as that again. But, as I said, it happened a second time.

The second time was on a hot summer’s day in June. My friend and I had so much to talk about. We started out lying in the shade of a hedge and neither of us noticed that the sun shifted and we were eventually in the full sun. I was telling her about some kinky things we have done and she just wanted to know more and more. She loved (and still does) hearing about our kinky outings. By the time we decided to go for a swim, it was too late already. I had turned into a lobster again and my breasts were in the same state as years earlier. Another week of hell followed. Again I vowed that it would never happen again, and now, 8 years later, I am still keeping the promise.

I don’t avoid the sun, but I don’t go out of my way to sit in the sun for a tan either. My arms are mostly tanned from sitting in the car or walking outside, but the rest of my body is white. Sometimes I go through phases where I want my legs to be a bit more tanned, then I use Dove’s self-tanning crème. The only thing is that if I don’t use it for two days, I have stains on my leg as the tan color disappears quicker in some places than others. The idea of spending time in the sun to naturally tan my legs is not appealing at all. So, I guess at times you will just have to ignore the fact that my legs can almost reflect the light!

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3 thoughts on “Sunburn Story

  1. Oh goodness Marie those are really, really, RED !!!
    Thankfully I’ve never had those sort of experiences . . .

    Hubby is just now saying “that’s probably because you never sit still in one place for long enough” !!!

    Xxx – K

  2. Oh ouch, those pictures just look horribly painful. I’ve never tanned and always burned, so I’ve never just sat outside and lost track of time. A bit envious that you have, though twice it ended badly for you.

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