LCHF #5 – Less Ketosis

Continued from… LCHF #4 – Four Weeks In

Last weekend we were in a hotel and there was no time to do a weight loss post, hence the reason why I am doing two weeks in one now. Because of our weekend away, my body had left its keto-state and that is something I am working on getting back now. Also because of last weekend, I had gained 400 grams, which in my eyes is not that much, considering that I ate things that were not low carb.

Ketosis on 30 July 2016

However, during the weekend I made sure that wherever we had lunch or dinner, I avoided bread and fries. On the Friday I managed that, but on Saturday I had a couple of fries and as a dessert I ate a chocolate muffin. Those were actually the only things I ate that were not low carb and didn’t fit into the diet I have chosen for. I guess this is also the reason why I didn’t gain that much, but it was enough to take my body out of its keto-state.

In the past week I have been back on the diet the way I was before and halfway through the week I went on the scale to see if I had lost the 400 grams yet. I had not. I was disappointed and didn’t have a lot of hope for my weigh-in this weekend, but when I weighed yesterday morning, the 400 grams were gone as well as 600 grams extra! I was finally back under the 90 kilograms and quite happy about it. Now in the past week’s it has always been that on the Sunday I weigh less than the Saturday, so obviously I got on the scale again this morning. I was down another 500 grams and now know that I will never see the 90 again.

Each time my body sheds a bit of weight and the scale proves to me that I am doing well, it gives me a boost for the week to come. But, it’s not only my scale that makes me happy. No, my tape measure does too. Tomorrow, on Monday, it will be 6 weeks since I started this LCHF diet and in those six weeks I went from 105 centimeters on my waist to 94 centimeters. I have lost 11 centimeters (!!!) on my waist and it’s very noticeable too, which gets me compliments from people around me. To say that I am happy is definitely an understatement!

My way of doing this diet might not be the way of someone else, but it works for me. Every day I am strict about what I eat and drink, all within the limits of a LCHF diet. However, on Saturday I allow myself ‘something nice’, which normally mean I drink 2 or 3 glasses of dry white wine. I shared this in an online group on Facebook and was banned from there. I couldn’t believe it. I thought it was a support group where people could share their experiences and the way they do it, but apparently there’s something like a diet-nazi out there too. Incredible. I guess this means I will be looking for another group.

Weight progress on 31 July 2016
I still have 9 kilograms to go to reach my first goal, but I am already so proud of myself! I can do this!

To be continued… LCHF #6 – Love My Results

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