LCHF #2 – I’m Smiling

Continued from… LCHF #1 – The Journey Started

It’s been a week since I have last weighed myself. Oh no, wait. I weighed myself last week Saturday, then again on Sunday and again on Monday morning. I was tempted to do the same on Tuesday, but decided that it would only work discouraging, and there was something in ‘not knowing’ that made me work harder at being good with my diet.

Speaking of my diet… I don’t find it difficult at all to keep to it. Where I am a creature of habit and quickly stick to a routine, I have made sure to not eat the same lunch every afternoon in the past week. Two days I was over my intended calorie intake, but my carbs were good, so I was okay with it.

As said in my previous update post, we had a high tea last week Sunday and unfortunately there were a lot of sweet things and bread-y things on our plates. I ate all of it, because it was yummy and because I calculated it in that I would eat the wrong things. The rest of the week and even this morning I had an upset tummy. I have no idea whether it comes from the sweet things of last week or whether it has to do with the diet. Nevertheless, in the Facebook group I saw that they recommend people to use magnesium supplements, so guess what I am going to get myself today?

Of course this morning I went on the scale again. Now as said in the beginning of this post I weighed myself three days in a row. On Saturday it showed -2.4 kilograms, on Sunday -2.6 kilograms and on Monday -2.1 kilograms from my starting weight. This morning it showed that I am 3.1 kilograms down from my starting weight, which of course puts a smile on my face, even though it’s only 0.7 kilograms down from last week Saturday. I also use the Ketostix again and according to that I am even more in ketosis than I was last week.

Ketosis on 2 July 2016


This coming week will be my full week in which I will eat according to the diet every day. I am very curious what the result will be then. I take into account that I might not lose as much as I want to, but as long as I lose something, I will be happy!

To be continued… LCHF #3 – Losing Centimeters

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