Wounded Knee

Almost three years ago I went through a couple of weeks of posture training. It required me to kneel and sit back on my legs, with my hands behind my back. It started with 5 minutes and we gradually built it up over the weeks to come to give my legs the opportunity to get used to sitting like that. After I have hurt my ankle, I wasn’t able to sit like that anymore and now, two years later, I can still not hold this position.

However, I can kneel. I can stand on my knees, bow my head, hold my hands behind my back and wait for Master T to tell me what will follow. I love to kneel. This is one of the things that instantly strengthens the submissive feelings in me. Even though my knees hurt and sometimes I even feel my ankle, I like to be on my knees, to look at the floor in front of me and to only see his feet. I love feeling hi hand on my head. The feelings that go through me if he does that are so intense, so beautiful and special. I will do anything for him when I am on my knees.

One of the things he frequently tells me to do when I am on my knees is to suck him. Mostly I have to lower myself a bit, but because my ankle cannot fully handle that, I spread my legs as to not put weight on the ankle. With this, my pussy spreads too, which intensifies my aroused feelings and make me suck him with even more passion.

Coming to think of it, when I did the posture training, that was something I liked too. My legs were spread, my naked crotch visible and accessible. Thinking of it now, I would love to kneel in the same position again, but then not in a training setup. I would want to sit like that, either half-clothed or fully naked and I would want to be used. I would want to be touched wherever, with the explicit order that I am not allowed to move from my position. But, this is just a thought.

It’s unfortunate that I cannot be on my knees as much as I want. Part of it, or maybe most of it, is because we’re getting older. My knees hurt, my ankle hurts… it’s uncomfortable. But then again, just like I did the posture training, it might be possible to train my knees and my ankle to get used to kneeling again.

One of the things that was mentioned in the introduction post is:

Maybe you like to masturbate kneeling?

Yes! Oh damn, yes! When I masturbate I like to get down on my knees, then sit back on my legs and push my crotch against my hand or the toy I am using. There is something about the muscles in my legs being tightened to the max and my clit enjoying all the sensations that will get me off every time. In one of our hotel stays I kneeled, trapped the Doxy in a folded pillow and trapped the pillow between my legs. I fucked the Doxy until a glorious orgasm consumed my body.

Sometimes, here at home, with Master T in his recliner and me on the couch, I get this urge to kneel and then I do. I will kneel in front of him and put my head on his lap, breathing him in, feeling his warmth and the hardness of his body. Whether he just sits still and leave me in this position for as long as I want or whether he puts his hand on my head, I am content. It feeds my submissive feelings to be on my knees. And, sometimes, when I am on my knees, I like to crawl. But that’s an entirely different kink…

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  1. I do love kneeling but like you injury limits me. Kneeling upright or leaning forwards is possible but I can’t physically bend them enough to sit back on.

  2. Oh, can’t wait for ‘crawling’ then… both as meme and to just do it 😉

    Rebel xox

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