Guilty Orgasm

The Womanizer Pro, a brilliant toy to help you reach an orgasm.I wrote an erotic story I really liked and noticed that towards the climax of the story I repeatedly pushed my legs together. My pulse seemed to be a fraction quicker than it should be; my breathing a wee bit labored. Yes, I was horny… horny by what I had written. It was time for a shower, I decided…

After the shower, in our bedroom, I sat down on the stool in front of my dressing table – naked. Because the tingly horny feeling had not left me yet, I reached for my Womanizer Pro like I had done so many time before. I placed it over my clit and switched it on. It started buzzing on its lowest setting while I held it trapped between my legs. The buzzing intensified my needy feelings, but still I wanted to prolong the release as long as possible. This meant that I blow-dried my hair, then stood up – the toy still trapped between my legs – and walked to the closet to pick the clothes I wanted to wear. I put them on our bed, and suddenly I had this urge to crawl.

I dropped down to my knees and crawled to the other side of the bed. I was fully aware of the rigid carpet under the palms of my head, under my knees and my feet. I was aware of my vulnerability, but there was more. Even though Master T wasn’t even in the house with me, I had the feeling that he was controlling every movement. It was as if he was there to watch me, to tell me to crawl quicker or slower. Between my legs the buzzing relentlessly continued. God, how I loved those feelings. I was still horny and still wanted my orgasm to stay away as long as possible.

Still, there was something else I wanted too.

As always when I use the Womanizer (it’s the same when Master T frigs my clitoris over and over again), I have this urge to feel something in my ass. This desire made me reach for the briefcase under the bed, where I store some my butt plugs and my anal glass dildo. I took it out of its plastic bag and poured lube over the tip. With very little effort I managed to push the dildo inside me. Due to the curve of the dildo, it didn’t slip out when I stood on all fours again and bucked my hips to cause different sensations in my clit.

Now in the past, before I owned the Womanizer, I used to frig my clitoris during masturbation sessions and loved to sit back on a dildo, stretching my legs and bringing myself to orgasm like that. I wanted to do the same now, with the toy sucking away at my clitoris. I touched the base of the dildo to make sure it was still in place, then leaned back and wanted to trap the clitoris between my heel and my ass. Before I could, an orgasm literally tore through my body. It was quick and violent; strong and satisfying… and it left me feeling guilty, because I had no permission to come.

© Rebel’s Notes

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