If there’s no way…

Every day she walked into the coffee shop and watched him where he sat at the table in the far back corner. His eyes were always fixed on his laptop screen and he seemed to be oblivious of the people around him. For the last two months she had taken place at the table in front of him, facing him. She wanted him to see her, but he never acknowledged her presence.

Why did he intrigue her this much? While she stood in the line, waiting to order her coffee and lunchtime snack, she studied his face. Again. If she closed her eyes she saw the curved line of his jaw, his lips in a straight line of concentration, his eyes moving from side to side as he read on the screen and the lines on each side of his face. Those lines told her that he was a friendly person, even though she had never seen him smile.

“Next, please!”
The loud voice snapped Loren back to reality. She blushed deeply when she realized it might not be the first time the barrister had asked for her order. With her coffee in one hand and ham and cheese sandwich on a plate in the other, she turned around to walk to her regular table. He was still concentrating on the screen in front of him. Loren sat down and stared at his attractive face for a while but yet again he didn’t seem to notice. She picked up her sandwich and without taking her eyes of him, she started eating.

He looked up and right into her eyes. Loren gasped. He pushed the table backwards, stood up, took two steps towards her table and sat down.
“You’ve been watching me for weeks. What do you want of me?”
He held up his hand before she could answer.
“I know what I want of you. I want to take you home with me. Kiss you. Undress you. Suck your nipples. Take those beautiful round breasts between my hands and push them together around my cock while I fuck you. I want to explore your pussy; want to taste you. I want to make you climax over and over again and then watch as you suck me to a climax.”

Loren’s sandwich slipped from her hand and in her attempt to stop it, she knocked over her cup of coffee. Only now she realized that she had been daydreaming again. She grabbed some paper napkins and tried to stop the coffee streaming to the floor. Her chair scraped on the ground as she stumbled to get up and grab more napkins. It’s when she turned around to rush back to her table that she saw it.

He was looking at her.

If there’s no way… create one.

Loren didn’t know since when the poster hung on the wall behind him, but the words stopped her right in her tracks. She read them once more, then walked over to her table, stopped next to it, looked at him and smiled.

“Could you help me, seeing that it’s basically your fault that I spilled my coffee?”

He frowned, but then his lips curled into a smile as he stood up.

“I have no idea how I have caused this, but you can tell me over dinner tonight.”

Inwardly Loren screamed with happiness, while she smiled serenely.

“Dinner would be lovely. To start with.”

He smiled and nodded.

If there’s no way… create one.

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