Cave Girl

In May of this year we were in Bristol for Eroticon 2016. On the Friday Molly & Michael were kind enough to take us with them to the Clifton Observatory, which is close to the suspension bridge. What we didn’t know was that we could see the camera obscura, but also go down into a cave and a lookout point. It was really hard work to go down, as it was steep and at some places the ceiling of the route down to the cave was very low. I had muscle aches in my legs for two days.

But, it was the perfect opportunity for a scavenger hunt. Molly had already done the cave scavenger hunt in the past, but offered kindly to take my photo so I could add this notch to my list too.

Have you done a Scavenger Hunt yet? Come on, it’s fun and you can earn your own badges. Otherwise you can just follow the links and see other locations from other participants.

This is my 65th Scavenger Hunt location.


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11 thoughts on “Cave Girl

  1. I love the way you seem so casual, “I’m just taking a stroll sans clothing…” 😀

    Adding this to the Scavenger Hunt page now!

  2. I have a day off work tomorrow for some scavenger hunting and a cave was on the list, weather depending!

    It’s a real shame I didn’t manage to get to Bristol but I’ll be there in March!

  3. We have a National Park here called Mammoth Cave. Before it was a national park people would take pleasure cruises on the underground lake. I have to wonder how pleasurable those cave cruises were.

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