Wild Mushrooms

Autumn is my favorite time of year, and discovering lovely mushrooms out in the wild tends to make my day.

This appeared on my 365 project last year, when the image was taken.
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Discovering this special kind of fungi, the red mushroom with white spots, was such a delight that I instantly declared it a Scavenger Hunt location! Why? Whenever I go out to the woods, wanting to find wild mushrooms, I never find them. Even though they are there every autumn, you have to look carefully to find them. In 2014 I came across a field of mushrooms of all shapes and sizes. There were so many that I wanted to go back there in 2015 to make more pictures. I did, but there were not one mushroom to be seen. Now even though I would love for ‘wild mushrooms’ to be a Scavenger Hunt location, I know it will never be. Woods yes, but not mushrooms!

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I still love these pictures, no matter if this is a scavenger hunt location or not.

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