Time in a Bottle

If I could have time in a bottle… I would do all I do now and a lot more.

Unfortunately, we cannot save time in a bottle, and just like money, you can use your time only once. When a minute is gone, it’s never going to happen again, so you better use every minute you are gifted.

I tend to start out with things and when I like it, I start more… and more… and more. Eventually I find myself swamped with the things I have started and seem not to find enough time to do all I really want to do. Okay, let me explain. Six and a half years ago – in January 2010 – I started Rebel’s Notes on Blogger. I moved that over to a free WordPress site and then to a self-hosted blog in February 2012. In June 2012 I started Wicked Wednesday. At first I had it on my blog, but soon I moved it to a subdomain as I felt it needed an own home. In December 2012 I started my writer’s group and in January 2013 I started a blog for the group. In January 2014 I started with my 365 project, but not only one. No, I did two – one under my real name so I can put family pics on there, and one as Marie Rebelle because I wanted to share it with the friends I have made on Twitter. I still do both 365’s, now for the third year. Somewhere along the line I took over the Fellatio Project, started the Menopause Diaries, took over the Sexy Searching meme and changed the Fellatio Project into the Oral Sex Project. I moved these last three memes to an own domain. There was the need to have a space where I can write a bit about feelings, but mostly share some remarkable news from my home country and adopted home country. I started a blog for that. Then I heard that I would be published. I wanted to keep my writing separate from my main blog, so I started my author blog.

Have you counted?

You don’t have to. I will tell you: I maintain – or try to – 8 blogs! Eight!

I’ve done this for too long, trying to keep all 8 blogs going. I had to re-think this. I had to decide what was important to me. What do I want to do. What don’t I want to loose? What could I combine? Could I even combine things? Are there things I should stop with? How could I make life easier for myself and create more time for my writing. You see, my first book was out and I have already started working on the second. Since I also work for a boss during the week, I need to use my time outside my job as productively as possible.

Juggling with my time and trying to keep everything going was just not working anymore. I needed to do something and I needed to do it fast. I had an idea of what I wanted to do, but I needed some technical support. At Eroticon I went to DomSigns’s session and was amazed at how much I learned there. Here I thought my site was fairly okay, but there was quite some things missing from my site, as quite a lot have changed, for instance, with Google.

I requested Michael and Molly to review my site and they did at a very reasonable price. They gave me hands on information, confirmed my ideas of things I want to do and were open to all my questions. They took hours to review my site and then explained some of the things that need to be changed in a video call, and soon I will have all of their findings on paper.

There’s some work ahead,but after that, my life will be a bit easier and I will have more time to work on my second book.

It’s all about choices… and time. Not only finding time, but spending my time in the best way possible.

Of the eight blogs I have now, I will cut back to 4, maybe 5. Maybe 5, because I am not entirely convinced yet whether I want to delete my vanilla blog, but I am sure about stopping with my second 365 project at the end of this year. I think I might combine my vanilla blog and the second 365 project into one, as I like to have a place where I can share things that are dear to me, such as recipes from my home country. Obviously, I will keep Rebel’s Notes, Wicked Wednesday, my 365 site and the Dutch writers site. Sexy Memes will disappear and the memes The Menopause Diaries and The Oral Sex Project will continue on my main blog. My author site will disappear all together and all posts will be moved to Rebel’s Notes.

Other than that, a lot of changes will happen on Rebel’s Notes in the coming months, as I consider each element on the website and choose which will go where. Some of the changes will be quite small, others will be very obvious, such as the new theme I am about to test. And then, once all these things are in place, I will have freed up enough time to get very busy with editing my second book, which I want to see published in 2017. Yes, that’s a choice too!

© Rebel’s Notes

Wicked Wednesday

4 thoughts on “Time in a Bottle

  1. Well you are doing a hell of a job, and frankly I’m in awe with your energy as well. But life is indeed all about choices and the moments we make them. It seems a good choice to even cut back to 3 blogs tops, because your focus is much sharper on those 3. But Hey, who am I to say what you should and should not do? I find it tiresome to maintain only one blog…

    Hats off to you Rebel,

  2. I’ve always been totally in awe of your energy and amazing postings . . . but can completely understand your desire to consolidate.
    Always nice to consolidate . . . in all things . . . isn’t it.
    And, of course, will always be visiting you here, there . . . and everywhere!!!
    Xxx – K

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