The Conjugal Bed

Every evening we have the same routine. If we have to work the next day, we go to bed on time, but if we’re off from work we tend to stay up later. No matter what time we go to bed, we follow the same routine. I normally go upstairs first and go to the bathroom to wash myself and brush my teeth. By the time I get back to the bedroom, Master T is there, undressing. I get into bed, grab my phone and put my glasses on, while Master T goes to the bathroom for his ‘getting-ready-for-bed-routine’. Now while he’s in the bathroom, I sometimes chat on Twitter or check my Facebook timeline or read some mails. But sometimes I also use the camera on my phone. Those photos can end up anywhere or nowhere. If I use them, I either do so on Twitter or Instagram (account has been deleted) or I save them for a blog post. I have to do something while I wait for Master T to join me in our conjugal bed, right?

The image below was saved for Boobday…

Image shows my breast, nipple and tattoo and the rest of my body hidden under the covers of our conjugal bed.
Playing with the camera on my phone is a good idea, right?
(click to enlarge)

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One thought on “The Conjugal Bed

  1. Oooh girls seems like we all have the similar routine! LOL….. not sure I’ve thought of the morning light in the same way Molly! but I will now!!!

    Xxx – K

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