Save Me?

An image showing me tied to a tree, naked.
If you found me in the woods like this, what would you do?
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Will you save me?

Will you use me?

Will you save me after you’ve used me?

Please do…

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14 thoughts on “Save Me?

  1. I agree with Simina. I would tie you up ‘properly’ first. Then see if I can find quite a few nettles, to tease you with. To reward you for not screaming too loud I’d search for blueberries and feed you all I could find. And to top it off, I’d let you enjoy the taste of some ‘salty protein rich bodily fluid’ as it is sometimes referred to, I think.

    But then again, what are the odds of me/us finding you tied to a tree like this?? 🙂

    I like the photo too. It reminds me of a small ‘opdracht’ I gave my dearest submissive to execute before a certain date…


  2. Mm yes, hello. So many, many possibilities and before even reading your words my brain was exploring all the things I would do to you if you were like this and consented to my attention

    1. Now of course I would love to know what you will do with me. For a moment there I wondered whether you could use this image to write a story 😉

  3. Probably, adjust the ropes. Right now I’m thinking of how it would be fairly easy to escape at the moment. lol

  4. Ha – you sure don’t look like a woman who needs saving! I’d say you look quite comfortable and pleased. 🙂

  5. I’d save you. After I’d used you, that is. After all, you’re already tied. No sense letting all that fancy rope work go to waste.

  6. What would I do?? Well let’s just say that you wouldn’t be getting untied too early 🙂 xx
    Wonderful image, thank you for sharing.

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