Product review: Ocean Storm

Image showing The Ocean Storm by Adrian Lastic
The Ocean Storm by Adrian Lastic

I was approached by Adrien Lastic in Spain to test one of their toys for an honest review. I chose to test the Ocean Storm, a remote controlled vibrating egg. Now I have to say that we have NO good experiences with any kind of vibrating eggs. I first chose the Ocean Dream, but my contact person at Adrien Lastic told me that the Ocean Dream is their best vibrating egg, so I decided to test that. After some start-up problems, I was finally ready to test the product.

Packaging & Contents

I received two different boxes. One contained the vibrating egg and a manual; the other had the remote control (three buttons) with a battery in it. I was a bit baffled when I opened the package, because according to their website I was supposed to also get a USB charging cable, water based lubricant and a satin drawstring bag. The USB charging cable was sent to me later, and when we had problems with the one remote, the company sent me the other remote control (two buttons), as well as the satin drawstring bag.

Shape ‘n Size & Material

The Ocean Storm is made of body safe materials and is phthalates free. It is 8cm long and has a girth of 3.2cm. This is not a small toy. On the website it says that the toy is waterproof, but in the instructions it says not to submerge the toy for too long to prevent damage. I guess you can use it under the shower, but it shouldn’t be left in a bath of water for some time. The oblong egg has a little cap on the back with a plastic string to it, to make it easy to pull it out after use.

How does it work?

To charge the toy you unscrew the cap at the back and insert the charger in the little hole. Next to the hole is a tiny black switch. While the toy us charging a light comes on, but once it’s charged the light goes out. To make sure it’s charged and working, you press down the little black switch. When it vibrates, it’s ready to be used with the remote control. The remote control I received has three buttons: an on-off switch, a plus switch and a minus switch. Obviously you turn it on with the on-off switch and then you use the other switches to run through the ten different vibration patterns. To switch it off you use the on-off button again.

My experience with and opinion of the product

The first time we tested it, we used the remote control with three buttons. The middle button is the on/off button, the left one the ‘minus’ button and the right one the ‘plus’ button. On the display it showed the number of the pattern you are at, running from 1 to 9. When I tested the toy, holding it in my one hand and the remote in the other, it worked perfectly. I inserted the toy, gave Master T the remote and waited. It took ages before finally the toy reacted and then, when he tried to move through the patterns or turn it off, the toy only reacted after several attempts. I went to sit in a different spot, but the same happened. We thought it might be because this remote was not good, so we tried the other, but the same happened. The only thing we can think is that the toy might have problems with the wireless connections in the house, as we don’t know on which frequency the remote works. If that’s not the explanation for the problems, the manufacturer might want to work on the connection between the remote and the toy.

Image showing The Ocean Storm and one of the available remote controls
The Ocean Storm and one of the available remote controls

Funny anecdote (which ties in with the connective problems of this toy): we tested this toy on a Sunday afternoon and had problems getting it to react and switching it off. On Monday Master T worked at home and I was at my work. I got an email from him saying:

I just heard a terrible noise coming from our bedroom. It sounded like something bumping and rolling loudly on the floor and then it sounded like a bird caught between the blinds and the window. It turned out to be the egg that spontaneously switched itself on.


I had a laughing fit when I read this, but of course, this shouldn’t happen.

As for the egg inside me, I have to say that it feels like heaven. The vibrations are strong and because of the shape of the toy, I felt it everywhere inside. Believe me, I was incredibly wet when I took the toy out and so turned on that all I wanted was an orgasm. I have no idea if this toy will ever be able to give me an orgasm, but it sure goes a long way to build the excitement. I can imagine the toy being excellent to use when you go outside for a walk. As soon as the weather is somewhat better, Master T and I will try it, or I we will test it when we go out to our regular hangout.

That’s something else I have to say. This toy is quiet. When you hold it in your hand, you hear the vibrations, but the moment it’s inserted, it’s quiet. It can easily be used in a public environment and no one will know that you are being ‘controlled’ from a distance.

Even though we had some logistical problems with this company, I definitely recommend this toy.

Where to buy the Ocean Storm?

Adrian Lastic works with distributors in several countries. You can buy the Ocean Storm online from:

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