Pointing Fingers

Today I am pointing fingers at a sister wife, who is actually the ‘main wife’ and she is such a lovely woman.

Wait, let me explain…

Back at Eroticon in May 2016, Hyacinth (the hostess of Boobday and owner of A Dissolute Life Means…) got married to Molly, Girl on the Net and yours truly. That was a fun evening, full of laughter and maybe even some sadness because we knew we would have to say goodbye again. I remember being one of the last to leave to go to bed and sitting on the couch next to me, with Hy cuddled in my arms. Good times and it makes me sad not to know when and if it will ever happen again. Distance is a bitch, I can tell you that!

But, what I learned from Hy that night was how to work Instagram. She has more then 50 thousand (yes, seriously) followers on Instagram and both Molly and I wanted to know how to do it. In the meantime, we both have started our accounts and have been posting images.

Four instagram images showing my boobs, covered either with fabric or my hands.
My boobs on Instagram
(click to enlarge)


You see, it’s all Hy’s fault I started with Instagram, but I forgive her, because it’s fun to do, even though I know I will never reach 50 thousand followers! Thanks Hy, for giving us tips!

I still want to do a post about Eroticon, but I have still not found the words to do one. Maybe my head is just too full with other things or maybe I am waiting for something to trigger a post. And maybe I will never do a post about the 2016 version of Eroticon. Sometimes it’s better not to say anything, right?

Oh and… I would love if you follow me on Instagram (Instagram account has been deleted)!

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Click the button to see who else is showing off her boobs.


2 thoughts on “Pointing Fingers

  1. Yep, damn Hy and her Instragram bug…. but like you I have been enjoying it and even got sent some terrible unsolicited dick pics which made me laugh.


  2. Ah. I wondered whether Hy had prompted your recent Instagramming. I love how each evening had its own wonders at Eroticon. I hope you will find the urge to write something.

    By the way, these images are gorgeous and beautiful – just like you.

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