Suspension Shot

Now as you all might know, two years ago when we went to Bristol for the first time to attend Eroticon, where Molly and I had the opportunity to do a joint scavenger hunt on the train tracks close to the SS Great Britain, the first iron steamer to cross the Atlantic. This year Master T was sure about one thing: when we go to Bristol, he wanted to go to the bridge. It would be our third time in Bristol and we’ve seen the bridge from many angles, but we never got around to being ON the bridge. Molly and Michael were kind enough to take us with them on the Friday, because they wanted to go to the Clifton Observatory, which turned out to be a lovely experience. We bought tickets for the ‘camera obscura’ as well as to go to the cave, where there was also a lookout.

A view on the suspension bridge in Bristol, and the lookout where we had the opportunity to do a scavenger hunt.
On this image you can see the bridge, the observatory on the hill and halfway down is the yellow railing of the lookout.
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Now, I am really unfit! Walking up the stairs to the ‘camera obscura’ was quite a challenge for me, but when we started down on the 61m long staircase down the tunnel towards the cave, I knew it was going to be one huge challenge to get back upstairs. And it was! I had muscle aches for three days after but damn, it was worth it. You see, when we started out on this journey I didn’t think about scavenger hunt pics, but when we left there, Molly and I had all the fun of doing another joint scavenger hunt!

The bridge seen from the lookout and here we made use of the opportunity to do a scavenger hunt.
The bridge seen from the lookout
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Now I already dropped my pants and waited for Molly to join me, but then I (gladly!) turned my head and saw a woman coming down the stairs and right behind her was her husband. I have no idea whether they saw me, but with lightning speed I pulled up my tights, trapping my knickers inside it and that felt really uncomfortable.

Grabbing the opportunity I dropped my tights and bared my ass, looking at the suspension bridge in Bristol.
Waiting for Molly to join me
(click to enlarge)

Thankfully they stayed for less than five minutes (I wonder whether they could feel us wanting them to leave quickly?) and Molly and I could get back to doing our joint lookout scavenger hunt!

Have you done a Scavenger Hunt yet? Come on, it’s fun and you can earn your own badges. Otherwise you can just follow the links and see other locations from other participants.

This is my 61st Scavenger Hunt location.


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5 thoughts on “Suspension Shot

  1. Photos of You and You and Molly are Outstanding! Your’ Knickers in a Bunch’ was a Great Chuckle!

  2. I still giggle when I think about almost being caught! Shall we do this at least once a year? 😉

    Rebel xox

    1. There were so many fun opportunities in the Eroticon weekend 🙂

      Rebel xox

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