LCHF #1 – The Journey Started

Tomorrow we have a high tea appointment at one of my favorite hotel restaurants in Rotterdam. I was planning on starting with a diet on Monday 27 June because of this high tea. I wanted to get all appointments with ‘wrong food’ behind me before I started the diet. But, I ended up starting earlier. When I woke up on Monday 20 June, I just decided: this is the day!

I reactivated my account on Fitness pal, changed the percentages of carbs (10%), fat (60%) and protein (30%) and went downstairs for my breakfast. Now I have to say that I have been reading a lot about a Low Carbs, High Fat (LCHF) diet, because I wanted to make sure that I am doing it right this time. Yes, this time. I have tried it in the past, but have gained a lot of weight because I was actually eating high carbs and high fat. This happened because my sole reason wasn’t to lose weight, but to get my tummy to stop aching. Which it did. However, I gradually ate more carbs and my tummy started aching again. And, as I said, I gained weight. I was done with it. It was time to turn the tides.

I joined a Facebook group where I read their documents, looked at the amount of weight others have lost and where I learned about ketosis and Ketostix. On Wednesday last week I bought Ketostix and when I tested on Thursday morning, I learned that my body was not in ketosis. I was disappointed, but quickly realized that I couldn’t expect to be in ketosis after only three days of following a LCHF diet.

Now when I started this diet I have decided that on Saturdays I will allow myself a glass or two, maybe three of wine. And preferably not at home. I know this will impact the way this diet works, but so be it. My original planning was to weigh on Sunday mornings, but this morning I stood on the scale. Partly because I was curious and partly because I knew we were going out to our regular hangout this afternoon. I didn’t expect to have lost any weight, but seriously, my scale showed a number I haven’t seen in months. I have lost 2.4kg in only five days! I know it’s mainly fluids, but still, I was so happy that I almost jumped on my husband, who was still in bed.

Later on Saturday I went for a shower. When my eye fell on the Ketostix, I wondered if maybe now my body was in ketosis. And guess what? It was. I have never been so happy with a test showing some result!!!

Signs of ketosis in my body.
My body is changing…


Now I know the high tea of tomorrow will probably get me out of ketosis again, but as from Monday I will be strictly on the LCHF diet and I bet that if I test again next week Saturday, I will be in ketosis again. I hope for a different color then!

To be continued… LCHF #2 – I’m Smiling

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