Dump Me

If you have ever embarked on a Scavenger Hunt journey, you know that wherever you go you see locations. It’s like when you start taking photo’s as a hobby or you start painting: everywhere you go you see subjects fro your new-found hobby. Scavenger Hunting is no different. Wherever I go, I see possible locations and wonder whether they are on the list and if it is even possible to take a photo on the location I see at that moment.

The same way I started seeing dumpsters everywhere. When we had lunch at a hotel one day, I saw a dumpster where I wanted to take photos, but there were too many people around. Out in the busy street of a city, I saw a dumpster. At my work, I notice the dumpsters. Dumpsters were everywhere, as if mocking me that I still wanted this location.

And then, one day, there it was. This dumpster was placed in such a way that I could easily just lift my dress and get the shot.

20151004 (148)wm scavenger dumpster
Flashing at the dumpster

Finally! Finally those dumpsters can stop mocking me!

Have you done a Scavenger Hunt yet? Come on, it’s fun and you can earn your own badges. Otherwise you can just follow the links and see other locations from other participants.

This is my 63rd Scavenger Hunt location.


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2 thoughts on “Dump Me

  1. I’ve been scoping out a dumpster nearby too, but every time I go up to get it (it’s within walking distance) I run into people. Grr!

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