Dancing Fingers

The image shows two women playing, one with legs spread and the other's hand on her cunt.

I pull her against me. Her soft skin radiates her excitement and warms my skin where she touches me. The muscles in her back strain against my breast as she turns her head to look at me. I smile and whisper: “just let go.”

My hand cup her full breast, where I can feel the rise and fall of her chest as she breathe in and out. Rapidly. The excited rhythm of her heart matches that of mine. I squeeze her breast and hear her sigh. Her body relaxes as much as it is tense. She surrenders to my hands. I kiss her neck. Tender butterfly kisses that make her tilt her head sideways to offer my lips more of her. My teeth nip at her skin and my tongue covers the same spots in reverse order. I stop at the edge of her shoulder and lower my hand to her stomach that is soft and warm and full of promise of what waits below.

I move my hand lower and stop just above her sex. Her legs weaken. I hold her tight as we lower to the floor. Legs intertwined, her body half resting against mine, my fingers touch her vulva. An moan escapes her mouth and she opens her legs; invites me in; offers me more. I cover her sex with my hand. Her wetness kisses my fingers. Her flower spreads its petals in a plea for me to touch her core. She’s wet and hungry as she pushed her cunt against my fingers. I enter her, one finger at first, but soon two fingers are fucking her. I listen to her breathing, to her moans and stop fingering her when her inner muscles twitched around my fingers. She groans when I cover her sex again. Her orgasm subsides.

Her head turns in my direction again. This time our lips touch. Open. Tongues explore. The kiss is tender and new. I wonder whether her body tingles as much as mine? My fingers find her clitoris. I touch softly at first, barely fondling her swollen nub. Circling it. Teasing it. I love her expressive breathing mixed with moans and grunts; love to see the reactions of her body when I move my fingers. Each time her body tenses for an orgasm, my fingers stop. Each time her body seems to relax against mine, my fingers resume their dance.

My own cunt twitches and oozes on the rhythm of her excitement. Her leg brushes lightly against my swollen lips. My fingers enter her again, but only for a brief moment before they return to her engorged button. Holding her tight against me, I stroke her, listening to her moans becoming longer and louder. She sobs when she finally climaxes, her body rigid and tense until the force of her orgasm releases its grip and she relaxes against me again.

Her eyes are filled with lust when she looks at me, telling me that this is only the beginning.

© Rebel’s Notes

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