UltraZone Celeste 9X Silicone Double G-Spot Vibrator

Photo of the box showing UltraZone Celeste 9X Silicone Double G-Spot Vibrator
The UltraZone Celeste 9X Silicone Double G-Spot Vibrator

I have been approached by Topco Toyz to do an honest product review of the UltraZone Celeste 9X Silicone Double G-Spot Vibrator (Celeste). Topco Toyz was very discreet in sending me the package, paying careful attention to my addressing requirements.

Packaging & Contents

The Celeste comes in a rectangular box with a flap along the top length of the box, which covers up the window box below. Inside the box is the Celeste and the USB charger cable.

Shape ‘n Size & Material

This vibrator is shaped like a stretched out S with one end thinner than the other. Specifics of the toy is as follows:

  • Rechargeable Celeste Vibrator is a silicone Vibrator with two powerful G-spot tips
  • 4 insertable inches(10cm) with 1″girth (2.5cm)
  • 9 functions of vibration and pulsation-choose your favorite pattern
  • Flexible ergonomic design moves comfortably with your body
  • Specially contoured G-spot tip seeks out all the right places
  • Nonporous, soft touch silicone feels sumptuous against your delicate skin
  • Waterproof for fun in the shower, tub or Jacuzzi
  • Included USB charger
  • Phthalate free

How does the Celeste work?

The description above mentions a girth of 2.5cm, which us that of the smaller tip. The girth of the bigger tip is 4cm. Both tips have their own controls. The controls are situated closer to the thicker tip. To start the vibrations on either tip you press the button for a couple of seconds and once the vibrations start, you can run through the different patterns to choose the vibration pattern you like best. To switch the vibrations off, you just press the button a couple of seconds again.

My experience with & opinion of the product

I absolutely love the velvety feel of the soft touch silicon in my hand. I first inserted the smaller tip (obviously), with the curve pointing upwards. It was easy to press the button to go through the different vibration patterns. The tip of the toy definitely caressed my G-spot, a feeling I quite like. I never care much for any kind of vibration but a continuous one, as I find pulsating vibrations quite irritating. After playing for some time, I decided to try the bigger tip. The 4cm is quite big, actually, but I got it in, yet again with the curve pointing upwards. Now here is where my opinion of the toy turned from ‘oh this is good’ to ‘this is quite irritating’. With the bigger tip inserted, the controls are at the bottom and you cannot see what button you are pushing. But, not only that. Another thing is that the controls were now a lot closer to my vaginal opening. Too close actually. I was alone when I tested the toy but I think even if Master T was right there next to me and he was the one pushing the buttons, it would have been a thing to find the right control. It might have been better to have two controls, one on each side.

When the toy is vibrating and outside your body, you can hear the vibrations, but they are not very loud. Once inside you, the vibrations cannot be heard unless you are very close to it. This means this toy is safe to use when there are kids on the other side of the door. Just keep your moans down!

One thing that I really missed in the box is a pouch for the toy. Nowadays, I think this is a necessary item for all toys, especially with the more expensive toys. It’s so much better if manufacturers include a pouch in the box than for the customer to search off all websites to find a pouch that fits the toy.

Where to buy?

You can buy the UltraZone Celeste 9X Silicone Double G-Spot Vibrator from Topco Toyz for $100.

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