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I lay in bed when my phone chimed, signaling a new message. I reached for it and tapped to open the message. Immediately I want to write. This was a subject I was definitely going to join in with for Kink of the Week: Writing on Skin!

I have always been fascinated by pen and paper. I love my computer and I love the speed with which I can out words on the screen, but if you gave me a choice between typing and writing, I will always choose the latter. The feeling of the pen smoothly gliding over the paper, the bright color of the blue or red or green on the white paper, the smell of the paper, the soft swishing sound of the pen on the paper… sensations I like. Now I have grown up with a mom who constantly told me that I am not allowed to write on myself and she always did this when I wrote a note in my hand, back when I was in school. Funny thing is, I tell my kids exactly the same at exactly the same kind of moments. I have always been fascinated by writing on myself… even though I barely did it.

Then came the “Quote me a Valentine” competition for Sinful Sunday back in 2013. We had so much fun taking the images for ‘Love is…‘ and one of those images still feature in the slider on my homepage. We didn’t only write the quote ‘Love is the poetry of the senses’ on my leg. My body was covered in messages. Master T wrote an invitation (left image) to anyone who cares to accept on the back of my legs. I wrote an invitation to The Traveler (right image) on the front of my body. I was covered in bright red lipstick by the end of the night, and so was the duvet cover.

Funny thing was that three months later The Traveler gave me the task to write ‘Fuck Me‘ on myself with a permanent marker pen, while I was at my work, and to send him an image of it. Walking in and between offices I was constantly aware of those words above my slit, as if they burned my body and my clothes. It was an incredibly sexy experience.

I have not only been written on in the past, but have also been a bodypainting model several times. The best one was an erotic bodypainting, which had me hot and panting by the end of it, as the images surely told you.

There’s just something about being written on. Thinking back on the night we filled my body with lipstick letters, I remember enjoying the part where Master T wrote on me a lot better than the part where I had to do the writing. Being body-painted was an exhilarating experience. The idea of being written on (or painted for that matter) brings out something in me that I cannot find any words for. Is it submission? Is it because I don’t have to take an active role in it and decide what should be done? Is it because I like to be objectified as a canvas? I have no idea and frankly, during those experiences I didn’t question myself and I don’t think I will in future experiences. I just know it works for me, it makes me feel special in a way, it puts my mind at peace.

Speaking of future experiences… yes please.

I have this dream of being bodypainted again, but then I want a full-on graffiti bodypaint with the word ‘Rebel’ worked into it. I have asked a befriended bodypainter to do this for me, but sadly she’s just too busy. Anyone want to do it?
Or how about this: I have my beautiful flower tattoo on the right side of my back. Who wants to write a story on the left side, in black ink? Oh… only the idea of this really happening… hot!

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  1. Oh, I hadn’t even considered body painting, my pumpkin was so much fun! We also have future body writing plans, it’s all so incredibly beautiful, artistic and damn sexy isn’t it!

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