When I got dressed in the morning before we were off to the woods, I noticed a tiny tear in my net panty. Master T instantly had an idea and once in the woods, it was executed…

20151004 (89)wm tearing tights
Tights torn by a lovely women…
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Normally I don’t like having my clothes get dirty or ruined, but this day was totally different and not only because I discovered the tear in the tights that morning. No, the air was filled with promise, filled with something happening between me and this beautiful woman. Nothing sexual happened that weekend, even though we were naked together, posing for pics.

But, we will be again for another weekend and then…

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19 thoughts on “Torn

  1. Absolutely sexy! I love the angle of the camera and the action of the hands on the fishnets, along with your hand holding her chain. It all combines to create a really lovely and sexy image.

  2. Yeah, this is amazingly hot, Marie. I love little rips, it always seems so decadent to indulge and acknowledge the torn clothing and all the possibilities it offers.

    Gorgeous image xx

  3. I’m like you, I don’t like my clothes dirty or ruined. BUT there is exceptions to that rule.
    This photo gets my mind racing. Enticing.

  4. I love everything about this picture! The fishnets, the red nails, the leash, and just the act of tearing something as a preamble to tearing into someone… ungh. Yes.

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