The Eight Ball

Remember that I have revisted my Redtube post and then also did a post on virtual reality porn? From the Redtube site there are several under sites that you can go to, such as YouPorn, Tube8, PornMD, Thumbzilla, XTube and GayPorn. I clicked through to these other sites and this time I have something to say about Tube8.

This site is different than RedTube, PornHub and YouPorn. It has a white background! The videos are still all arranged in a grid, but the white background really gives the site a totally different look and feel than those with a black background. Also, when you click the videos, they are bigger than on the other three sites, and they are still on a white background. I find this very relaxing on my eyes (and here I mean the background).

Like the other sites, Tube8 has different menus too:

  • Videos
  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Premium HD
  • Live Girls
  • Meet&Fuck

You have 17 categories you can choose from, but it’s the tags that really caught my eye with this site. It doesn’t matter what tag you can think of, it’s here. The tags are all clickable and behind every tag you can see the number of videos that have been tagged with this specific word. This way you bypass the categories but can see all videos with scenes you would like to see. Do you have a favorite ‘actor’ for a video, then remember the name and use the tag to click through to more videos of the same ‘actor’. Do you love footsex? Or maybe you love watching when honey is used for sexy play? Or you are into tentacle porn? There are tags for all those and for many more. In my humble opinion some of the tags could have been put together, such as ‘massage’ and ‘massages’ or ‘toon’ and ‘toons’ but I guess when people upload an image to Tube8 they may choose their own tags and for the owners of the site to join the tags, it might just be too much work.

When you click on any video, below it you have some text describing the video, but also the category it is in, the porns tars in it and of course the tags the video has been tagged with. You can also see how many people favorited the video and of course you can favorite it too.

How do you feel about watching Live Girls? I have never clicked through on such a page. Sometimes I wonder how real those girls would be on the other side of my screen, but then again I know they are real. I follow several cam girls on Twitter and they definitely are just as real as I am. So why won’t I click through to a page with Live Girls? Maybe the answer to that lies in the same corner of my mind as the reason why I won’t ever engage in cybersex again. It makes me fee awkward. There was a time when I was quite into cybersex, but that is many years ago. Even though Master T and I met through the internet, we have never engaged in cybersex. Except that cybersex makes me feel awkward, it leaves an empty feeling, because in the end you go to bed alone. Of course, this might be just me, because I know that there’s a lot of people out there that enjoy cybersex and who will probably also enjoy interaction with the Live Girls on Tube8.

There’s something for everyone on Tube8, and of course also on the other sites.

Now, after having looked at four sites that seem to be part of the same concern, I have to say that my favorite is still Redtube and the number one site I go to when I want to watch porn.

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  1. Tried the site the other night, some very interesting things on there,
    videos seemed long and high quality. Thanks for sharing

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