Tantric Massage

tantric_massage_typesMy eyes were closed; my body naked. I was on my stomach with my arms and legs slightly spread, but relaxed. No matter how relaxed my body seemed to be, I was nervous. His weight moved the bed as he straddled me. He pressed his chest against my back and kissed my cheek.
“Relax, darling” he whispered in my ear.

I heard him rubbing his hands as he warmed the oil. Soon all nervous feelings left my body. I realized that the muscles in my back were tense after all, as I now felt them relaxing under his touch. My legs received some attention too, but it was the touching of my bottom that awakened a desire in me. His fingers just barely touched my darker hole and brushed against my labia, but not enough for me to know whether it was deliberate or by accident. Before I could think about it too much, he stopped and asked me to turn over on my back.

Before I could turn over, he blindfolded me.
“Why?” I asked.
“I only want you to be.”
I didn’t quite understand what he was saying, but didn’t want to sound stupid by asking. I was startled when his hands touched my shoulders. This time I didn’t hear him rubbing his hands. His hands were warm and soft; his touch firm, yet gentle. Even though I had several massages before, this one was clearly different, and it was not only because of the blindfold. His touch was different, in a way I couldn’t describe in words. For a moment I felt some discomfort when he touched my breasts, but my desire flaring up again solved that. I moaned slightly when his fingers, slick with oil, pinched my nipples.

His hands moved down, caressing and massaging my tummy, then my upper legs, lower legs, feet, lower legs and upper legs again. Like before, he barely touched my outer labia. Who could have thought that not touching could be so arousing? I was only aware of his hands and the intense desire of my cunt wanting to be touched.

He took my left labium between his fingers, rolling and massaging it. Electric pulses ignited in my clitoris. My other labium received the same treatment, increasing the pulses. I became aware of my hardening nipples. My pussy was oozing fluids to mix with the oil. Both labia now received the same attention, being pulled and massaged. I gasped when two fingers slipped inside me and a thumb directly stimulated my clitoris. Even though my excitement built, my body was still relaxed. It was the strangest perception: my climax was building, yet I was eternally relaxed. A thought crossed my mind: this will end in an edging session, leaving me aching for an orgasm afterwards. There was no way for me to climax feeling this relaxed.

I was disappointed when he pulled his fingers from me, but delighted when he gripped my labia between his fingers again. His thumbs rubbed up and down in circles on the insides of my labia, rubbing against the sides of my erect clitoris. My nipples hardened even more. I felt disconnected from my body, yet so connected. Relaxed, yet excited. His fingers were back inside me; his thumb on my clitoris. I was riding an pre-orgasmic edging wave. My cunt was my body. My body was my cunt. Without warning my back arched and an unfamiliar moan filled the room. My body relaxed again and as he pulled his fingers from me, a flood of fluids came with it.

Tears stained the blindfold on the inside. They weren’t tears of sadness, but tears of a different kind of release; of a cleansing of body, mind and soul. He snuggled with me afterwards, to help me get down from the high, to make sure I was okay. I was. For weeks I couldn’t find the words to tell what I had experienced; how it made me feel. Intense. Relaxed. Loved. Special.

He wanted me to be.

I was.

This piece of erotic fiction was inspired by Karma Tantric.

© Rebel’s Notes

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