The Round Table of Boobs

Eroticon is a place where people who write erotic fiction, have sex blogs or who are in any way involved in erotic arts meet. It’s a weekend of reconnecting with old friends and making new. A weekend in which everyone can be themselves and it will not be frowned upon.

On the Sunday of the conference I was asked whether I would want to be part of a group boobs shot for Boobday and OF COURSE I said yes! Why? Because there is nothing more freeing for a shy exhibitionist to be amongst sexy friends. When I pulled down the front of my dress and my bra to expose my breasts, not once did I feel uncomfortable or inadequate or shy. I felt loved and special and we just had a lot f fun. Molly was so kind to take the photo, while the rest of us first got in a line and then formed the ’round table of boobs’.

If you want to know whose boobs are who’s, hop over to Hyacinth’s Boobday to find out!

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7 thoughts on “The Round Table of Boobs

  1. It was such a fun thing to do. It has made me want to do more and I am contemplating organising something for a small group of ladies who might be interested. However location and time needs to be worked out but hopefully it can happen because seeing you all just being so happy and free was a truly magical thing and the resulting images are just fab


  2. Such an amazingly fun image . . . and it must have been so wonderful to be a part of that “round table of boobs”.
    Fantastic . . . and I am so envious of you all!!!
    Xxx – K

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