The Round Table of Boobs

Eroticon is a place where people who write erotic fiction, have sex blogs or who are in any way involved in erotic arts meet. It’s a weekend of reconnecting with old friends and making new. A weekend in which everyone can be themselves and it will not be frowned upon.

On the Sunday of the conference I was asked whether I would want to be part of a group boobs shot for Boobday and OF COURSE I said yes! Why? Because there is nothing more freeing for a shy exhibitionist to be amongst sexy friends. When I pulled down the front of my dress and my bra to expose my breasts, not once did I feel uncomfortable or inadequate or shy. I felt loved and special and we just had a lot f fun. Molly was so kind to take the photo, while the rest of us first got in a line and then formed the ’round table of boobs’.

If you want to know whose boobs are who’s, hop over to Hyacinth’s Boobday to find out!

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6 thoughts on “The Round Table of Boobs

  1. Such an amazingly fun image . . . and it must have been so wonderful to be a part of that “round table of boobs”.
    Fantastic . . . and I am so envious of you all!!!
    Xxx – K

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