Hotel Windows

This image was made about six months ago, in a hotel, where we had a room on the twentieth floor.

20151030 (2)wm full length
Enjoying the scenery
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This weekend we are staying in a hotel again and of course pictures will be taken.

I might just mirror this one again when I look out over a beautiful English city.

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14 thoughts on “Hotel Windows

  1. Gorgeous! I love hotels and I love the way you are framed in the window here. You look so lovely and there is a wistful quality about the image that I love.

  2. Lucky you, our room had smallish windows and not much natural light and we didn’t take a single picture which is shame but we did have a lot of other fun


  3. This is so lovely – we have the best view of all. Standing naked in a window feels so good – like you’re daring the world to look at you – to really see you. It always turns me on!

  4. A delightful shot which speaks volumes, I wonder which city was lucky enough to witness this?

  5. Can’t imagine the view outside is as good as the on inside. Well unless someone was looking back through your window.

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