Flight LU-365: The first two weeks

2016 auteursfoto-3On 29 April 2016 several copies of my book left the printer and were sent to the publisher and myself. On 30 April the books were delivered, but due to circumstances it was only the next day that I held my book in my hand for the first time. There are no words to describe the feeling. I didn’t know whether I wanted to laugh or cry or jump with joy, so I did it all.

But… my book was not available online just yet. I thought it would be, but because this is the first time I go through this process, I was mistaken. It was only on 4 May that finally the links went live. I thought this was the end of the process and that all that  remained was to promote my book and wait for it to become a bestseller.

Nope… mistaken again.

I was asked for a bio text for a press release. What? A press release? I was going to be in a press release? I tried not to get too excited, but today, when I read the final text of the press release I was suddenly giggling and laughing and almost (I was at my work) jumping with joy. There it was. My book – the cover, the description – and my bio including an image (the one on the right). I asked where this press release would be sent. The answer I received made me literally jump with excitement (yes, I was still at my work). The press release is sent to local and national papers, book stores and television channels.


Can you imagine my excitement? Can you imagine how excited I was when I read: “the author is available for interviews”? I tell you, this is an exciting process and I hope that with my next book (I am already writing) I will feel this excitement again, because this is special and exciting and confidence-boosting and and and…

Even if not one single interview follows, this is rewarding! Every author should be able to experience this…

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~ Marie Rebelle

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