Flight LU-365 Finally Available!

Flight LU-365 cover 4aIt has been quite a process to get my book available online.

On 29 April my book was sent off from the printer to the publisher, and to me. On Saturday 30 April I received my book. Okay, the neighbors did, since we weren’t home. The next day we picked it up from the neighbors and there it was… finally! It was brilliant holding my book in my hand, but still I couldn’t send out links where to buy my book. The publisher first had to receive their set of books and only then could they register the book with online bookstores and the ‘central book house’ in the Netherlands. From their book stores can order my book and put it in their shops. All these things take time and I have been told that the online book stores take between 24-48 hours to show a book online.

The publisher only received my book on Tuesday… which means the registering process were only done on Tuesday, and not on Monday as I have hoped. However, the online bookstores were brilliantly quick to put the book online, even though not all of them show the image and/or the description yet. But, at least I can now give you the links, because…

Finally, my book is available!

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Thanks to all who buy my book!

For those visiting Eroticon Live in Bristol on 21 and 22 May 2016 – I will have a couple of books for sale with me, and if you want I can write you a personal message inside.

~ Marie Rebelle

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