The Dark Side Of Tantric Massage

This post is written by Erica Suarez-Hillingdon, the editor of Karma Tantric Massage.

“My wrists were sore as I fought against the ropes that bound me, my captor’s finger rubbing over the bump of my clit. Uncontrollably possessed with a pleasure I could no longer contain, my climax was approaching like an unstoppable wave. I let out a scream as the clamps on my nipples tightened, crippling me as I drowned beneath the crash of my orgasm.”

I was experiencing my very first Dark Tantric Massage session and my screams were letting my neighbours know exactly how much fun I was having. A little over a month before, I had heard a conversation at a party where the delights of dark tantra where being talked about. I knew then that I had to follow the rabbit hole further and now here I was.

Tantric Massage And I

I first entered the world of tantric massage many years ago. I was only nineteen when I first felt a true tantric mind shuddering orgasm that left my knees week and legs trembling for a good few hours after. Performed by a very attentive and skilled tantrica on my travels through India, she cleared a path to tantric bliss and I was hooked.

I continued to practice as I travelled. Exploring the boundaries of climax I learned how to create a supreme connection and sense the erotic limits of my partners. It was something that opened my mind early on and a useful tool I have used since to connect sexually with others. It is also the cause of some of the most intense orgasms I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Learning The Ropes

Since then, my sexual journey has lead me through many interesting pathways, but none more so than BDSM. I love the way it encompasses so many different acts and perversions, each designed to satisfy the particular mental or physical needs of either the party giving or receiving. It’s the understanding of these needs and the acts that satisfy them that I find most intriguing.

It’s the top’s control over me and my absolute submission that satisfies me deep in my mind as well as my body. It makes me feel powerless, used and punished, which is what I need.There’s sometimes not a better way to spend an evening, than tied firmly to my bed post, being whipped until my bum cheeks flare in every shade of red.

How Erotic Massage Meets BDSM

Both BDSM and Tantric Massage share methods of control in their practice. The essence of Tantra is establishing a connection between partners to control the erotic energy that passes between them. This way, the very edge of climax can be coasted for extended periods, leaving partners lost in the pleasurable void between.

In BDSM, the control and balance between the submissive and dominant parties is that which creates the difference of opposites required for the scene to work. The following short passage incorporates some BDSM techniques with tantric massage and describes how these methodologies can be fused to turn tantric massage dark.

“The subject is bound naked to a massage table. Her legs are tied firmly together and ropes run beneath the table attached to her wrists at each side. A bright lamp illuminates her naked, vulnerable body. She can feel the heat on her skin although she cannot be sure, as she has been blindfolded before entering the room.

Only the sound of the cane slicing the air gives her any warning of the sharp pain that comes. In between the pain there is pleasure through relief. It is amplified by a vibrating bullet placed on her clit, masterfully removed a second before it would induce any orgasm. As this is repeated, the build-up of her erotic energy is so much that she is on the brink of sexual eruption even without stimulation.

She is finally commanded to cum on demand, the vibrations sustained until the very edge of her climax. As she slips over the cliff of sexual relief, she falls into a false pleasure, the pain of the cane reinstated, reminding her she is not worthy of her orgasm. Her failed and wasted climax leaves her compromised and humiliated, trembling on the table as the lights soak into her pale skin.”

This passage describes only the surface of what can be achieved when practicing dark tantric massage but serves well to describe how it can be achieved. If you would like to know more or are interested in arranging a taster session, visit Karma Tantric for London’s most sensual tantric massage.

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