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For this year’s A-Z Challenge I decided to focus on things that I have come across during our 5 years of active kink, and share my experiences and things I have learned, my opinion or things I am curious about. In each post I am using an image that has been used on my blog before, with a link to the original post.

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Original post: Z is for Zipper
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Imagine a series of clothing pegs pinching your skin in a line. A piece of string is tied to them so that when you pull the string, you pull all the pegs off your skin, one by one in quick succession. That is called a zipper, and this is something I am very curious about. In three weeks’ time we will be in Bristol, attending Eroticon Live 2016. KinkCraft will be giving two sessions and I hope one of those sessions involve making a zipper. If not, I hope Master T considers buying a kit to make a zipper, because I really would like to experience the sensation when the clothing pegs are pulled from my body. Even though I know already that this might turn into another love-hate relationship.


If I see the word zap I think of one thing: electricity. I could have done this with the E, but have left this for last. I have always said that I am not interested in trying electro-play at all, but about two months ago Master T expressed that he is interested in trying it. I have no idea if we will ever get to do this, as we have to talk about it a lot more before I might be convinced to set the step. Until we get to the talking stage, I might read some more about electro-play and others experiences, to help me decide whether this will stay on my list of no-go’s or whether I might want to try it at least once. We’ll see.


After a session, I feel zen. I feel at peace with myself, happy with whatever Master T had to dish out, whether it was pain or sex or a combination. I come to a point where I really need the pain, need to be grounded again, need to feel his control, and when I get what I need, my mind goes to a state of zen. I love to be in that state, as I feel reconnected with Master T, even though we have not been disconnected at all.

And now, I also feel zen that I have managed to complete yet another A-Z Challenge. Hope you enjoyed the ride!

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4 thoughts on “Z is for Zipper & More

  1. Congratulations!! Such a feat–all these consecutive days of quality blogging! I’m looking forward to going back and reading the letters I’ve missed. Great work, Rebel!! xxM

  2. Congrats on completing the challenge! I love how you included zen, as indeed that’s what I feel after a good session (though it’s been months since I’ve felt that).
    Right before my husband and I truly separated, I bought an electric wand because he always wanted one. We never used it because I was turned away before presenting it. So it sits with me (because I’m not giving it to him as a present for obvious reasons). I don’t know if I’ll ever use it, I have mixed feelings like you, but I know when a few orgasms I can enjoy it.

  3. My post today is also about the zipper and there is a photo of me ‘wearing’ it. It is one of those things I love and hate at the same time. Have fun, when Master T gets one, by whichever means xx

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