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For this year’s A-Z Challenge I decided to focus on things that I have come across during our 5 years of active kink, and share my experiences and things I have learned, my opinion or things I am curious about. In each post I am using an image that has been used on my blog before, with a link to the original post.

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I love talking, but I tend to talk at the wrong moments. Here I don’t mean when I am in the company of others in a bar or a restaurant, or at my work or even just with the family. No, I mean talking during a session when I am supposed to keep my mouth shut. When I feel happy or nervous, I talk. When we are in a session and I am happy and excited, I talk. I cannot tell you how many times I have talked at the wrong times, which have earned me a couple of slaps on my ass, or an extra couple of strikes with the cane, or even a gag in my mouth!

Talking during sex is something totally different. During sex I am quiet. I am not one to whisper sweet nothings in your ear during sex or to tell you what I want to do to you, or want you to do to me. During sex, I am just not a talker. There was a time when I made absolutely no sound at all during sex. Not so much as a moan passed my lips, until the person I was with back then told me it irritated him, that I should let him know whether I liked what he was doing or not. It took a while before it came naturally, but after that I never stopped moaning during sex. However, I still don’t really talk. Only sometimes, but very rarely, I would say what I want, but by then I am SO horny and needy that words tumble from my lips.

Tack bra

A tack bra is a bra with an insert of leather or thicker cloth with a large number of thumbtacks pressed into it. When you put the bra on, the thumbtacks press against your breasts and nipples. I have no idea if this constant sensation is painful or not, but this definitely is something I would like to try, if only to determine what the sensations is like. I guess if this is painful, this can be used as a torture device.

Thumb cuffs

This is something else I am quite curious about, but I don’t really know why. I guess I just want to experience what it feels like to have my thumbs immobilized. Maybe it would be a good thing to try this with bondage tape before we actually buy thumb cuffs. Then again, having a set of thumb cuffs to use for images will be quite cool!

Throat fucking

20140521-061wm sucking The Traveler
Original post: It’s a date (2/2)
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I don’t have a lot of experience with throat fucking, but it is something I would like to try more. There was a time when Master T and I tried it, to see how deep I could take him into my mouth and how long I could keep him there, even if he pressed against the back of my throat. I cannot remember why we stopped with it, maybe because of my ankle.

I imagine myself on the edge of a bed, my head backwards and a man fucking my throat, but I know I still have a long way to go before I will be able to do this without too much discomfort. I have to learn to stay calm and to breathe through my nose, instead of panicking when I start to gag. Someone once gave me the advice to pretend I am yawning, but even though I have tried that, I still gagged. I guess I just need a lot more practice to get this sort of perfected.

To be continued… U is for Uniform & More

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5 thoughts on “T is for Talking & More

  1. Talking, you can learn to do so, of course. It’s very arousing to have a partner that talks during sex, a quiet partner is not so much fun. Personal taste of course.
    The tack bra is not our thing, but thumb cuffs, even “handmade” are very, very, very nice Rebel. It’s the smallest, almost symbolic bondage thing there is.

    Great post,
    Don’t need hand towels, though 🙂


  2. Talking . . . I constantly talk, just can’t seem to help it . . . so I’m sure that I would annoy Master T all the time!!!
    But on the positive side, I do think talking is always important. Great relationships are built on great communication!!!
    Xxx – K

    1. Talking is definitely important in the ways of communicating what we need and want and miss and would like to try, but still during sexy, I am not much of a talker at all…

  3. your posts are so hot for me, inevitably arousing, often making me want to get a hand towel…
    for me, throat fucking is better to watch than take part in, and I’m a guy

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