R is for Rough Sex & More

For this year’s A-Z Challenge I decided to focus on things that I have come across during our 5 years of active kink, and share my experiences and things I have learned, my opinion or things I am curious about. In each post I am using an image that has been used on my blog before, with a link to the original post.

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Rough Sex

Yes, please!

Rough sex is the best. Yes, tender and gentle sex is very enjoyable too, but give me a choice and I might choose for rough sex. Grab me, throw me on the bed, hold my arms down, fuck me hard, slap me, pull my hair, keep me down, take me. Oh all of that sounds magical!

Rape Fantasy

This ties in perfectly with rough sex, don’t you think? There are many people who have a rape fantasy, which means they want to be forced into having sex, but within boundaries that have been discussed before. I guess it sounds kind of contradictory – wanting to be raped, but within discussed boundaries. Even in this fantasy there are boundaries. Mine would be: no permanent damage (I think this would be a limit for most people), I don’t want to know who’s involved but I want it to be people I have met at least once, I want to feel threatened and it should feel real, but I don’t want to fear for my life. My rape fantasy mostly includes a kidnapping too and being forced to have sex somewhere in the back of a van, or in the woods.

Rape fantasies are not always only coming from the one who wants to play the ‘victim’. There are people who fantasize about being the rapist.
Somehow I think this is one fantasy of mine that will never be turned into reality.


Original post: Rope work
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Oh the feeling of rope around my body… being hugged by the tightness of the rope… having my arms bound behind my back… feeling the rope around my chest… catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror and seeing the way the rope accentuates my breasts… and remembering the one time I was suspended. That was such a great experience. I am a fan of rope, but Master T is not a rigger. This doesn’t mean that I feel like I am missing out on something. No, it only means that when I am tied in rope, I enjoy a full minute of every second I feel it on my skin.


Risk-aware consensual kink = RACK.
Safe, sane and consensual = SSC

RACK is often seen as the opposite of SSC. The latter implies that only activities that are safe, sane and consensual should be engaged in, where RACK says you can engage in any kink as long as there is consent and you are aware of the risks. It doesn’t matter what your views are on this, whether you prefer RACK or SSC, as long as there’s always consent between the playing partners.

To be continued… S is for Sadism & More

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