Naked Shoes

The Sinful Sunday prompt for April 2016 was:

Your mission this month is to create a sinful image that shares a favorite thing of yours.

At first I wanted to share an image of my Doxy, then I thought about my Womanizer Pro, and then I thought about a glass dildo. I scrolled through my images, looking for that one thing that I really want to share, and then I came across this image:

20151101 (200)wm naked floor
100% Me!
(click for bigger image)

I remember so well how I felt when Master T made this image.

Sexy, happy, horny, wanted, content…

100% me!

This really is my favorite way to feel.

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18 thoughts on “Naked Shoes

  1. That’s a wonderful way to feel and a beautiful way to be! Just looking at you feeling that made me happy 🙂
    Malin xxx

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