M is for Masochism & More

For this year’s A-Z Challenge I decided to focus on things that I have come across during our 5 years of active kink, and share my experiences and things I have learned, my opinion or things I am curious about. In each post I am using an image that has been used on my blog before, with a link to the original post.

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If you have been following this blog for some time, or even have just read this series, you will know that I am a masochist. Even so, this doesn’t mean I always enjoy pain? No, in the first moments of experiencing pain, I hate it. I have to be ‘forced’ to go along with it and then something happens in my mind. It’s as if a switch is flipped and then I enjoy it, then I want more. Sometimes I even chant in my head: hurt me, come on, hurt me. After a session of pain, I have frequently found myself with a mixture of feeling relieved that it stopped and immediately longing for it to continue, no matter how bruised I am. Master T is never tempted to give into my pleas to continue, because my well-being is his number 1 priority.


I call my husband Master T, but I call myself submissive, not slave. If you look at the terminology, it should be ‘Dominant & submissive’ or ‘Master & slave’. However, writing about him as Dom T just didn’t sound right so it became Master T, because of his constant joking that he’s the ‘grand master of …’ and here you can fill in everything. Don’t let this give you the idea that he’s arrogant, because he definitely isn’t. He’s just full of humor. Even though I write about him as ‘Master’, during sessions I call him ‘Mijnheer’ which is ‘Sir’ in English.

What you call your dominant partner is something you decide between the two of you. There is no right or wrong about this. You should use the names that you feel comfortable with, and even if you just call each other by your real names, that’s perfect too. It is and always will be your choice.


I have mentioned crops, canes, floggers and lashes, and of course, impact play. I know that it doesn’t happen with everyone who feel those implements on their bodies and with me too it certainly isn’t always the result after impact play, but it can leave marks. Beautiful marks. Bright red, aggressive lines left by the cane. Bluish-blackish marks left by paddles or crops or even floggers, depending on how long a flogging went on. I admire the marks. I want pictures of them. I want to look at them in the mirror at least once a day, but preferably more. I have never thought I would love marks as much, until that very first time I had them. They are simply beautiful, but mostly they heal far too quickly for my liking!

Medical Play

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Remember I talked about kinks that might be my kink but not yours? Some people are heavily into medical play, where they also play with needles, catheters, enemas and lots of other stuff. We are not that into medical play, except that we do have a speculum and I love the feeling of being opened wide. It’s much like being filled with a fist. The orgasms are intense.

Speaking of medical play, there is one thing I am curious about. I wouldn’t mind being the subject of examination. Of course in this I wouldn’t want needles or catheters or enemas to be used, but having every part of me examined, feeling fingers entering me and knowing that eyes are scrutinizing me… now that is an exciting thought!

To be continued… N is for Nipples & More

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5 thoughts on “M is for Masochism & More

  1. I have a huge doctor fetish, and love doctor-themed erotica and porn (so long as the storyline isn’t some variation on the same old, same old). Like you, I don’t see the appeal of enemas and catheters either.

  2. I agree. There truly no written rules about relationships and what partners call each other. It’s all about what is comfortable for that couple and individual. Great stuff as always!
    Medical play?! My only experience is being in a house that was solely for play. One room was the medical room and the hallway wall was removed replaced with a window. Blinds were installed and optional to open or close depending on the Preferences of those inside the room. I was only getting a tour and there wasn’t anyone in the room. But thought “how cool is this?!”

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