Flight LU-365: The second proof!

proofSomewhere mid last week I wrote the publisher to ask when I can expect to receive the second proof of my book. I was told ‘by the end of the week’. By Friday late evening I realized that they didn’t reach their goal and I will have to be patient a bit longer. I set myself a deadline: if by Wednesday I haven’t received the second proof, I will contact them again. This morning I opened a new email and started typing. I have only just typed “Dear M….” when at the bottom right of my screen I was notified of a new email. My eyes literally grew wider when I saw the name of the sender and the subject of the mail. Finally! The second proof was in my inbox and I could get back work again. I was so happy that I bounced up and down on the chair with glee!

So now I have a new deadline: Monday. I have set myself the deadline. By Monday I want to send the second proof back to the publisher. Once they have it back, we are into the new phase and I hope by the end of next week I can share the publication date of my book, including the cover. Because you do want to see the cover, don’t you?

Oh, and then I will share the blurb too!

So tell me what else you want to know about the book, and in the meantime I will be at my desk, working through 200+ pages to make my book perfect for YOU!

~ Marie Rebelle

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2 thoughts on “Flight LU-365: The second proof!

  1. Keep clacking away at those keys and make that Monday deadline, but only if you are satisfied. And, Yes I want to see the cover and read the blurb!!!

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