Flight LU-365: Cover, Blurb and Publishing Date

Finally I can share more news about my soon-to-be published book… and to say I am excited, will be an understatement.

I promised that I would reveal the cover to you when I have the publishing date, and I definitely like to keep my promises, so here you are…

Flight LU-365 cover

What is Flight LU-365 about?

The passengers of Flight LU-365 are all at different points on life’s journey through love and lust when fate makes their paths cross and end in the desert of a quiet African country. The young couple, passionate and excited; the elderly pair, proving that love endures; the lesbian couple with their secret ready to share; a group of friends escaping for adventures in lust; the porn star, taking a break from her successful career; the married woman, confused and hurt from an affair; the young student hiding her hurt and more.

They were more than the seat numbers they were in. They were people with different lives and desires and only one thing connect them: they happened to be on the same plane.

Read about their love, lust and lives in this remarkable and moving epos, with strong and beautiful erotic scenes.

Flight LU-365

will be published on

29 April 2016


will be available online

in the

first week of May 2016!

Links to order the book will appear as soon as possible.

~ Marie Rebelle

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  1. Yay! I’m so happy for you! And…I’ll, of course be purchasing, devouring, and reviewing!

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