Yikes! Zombies!

When I decided on this prompt for Wicked Wednesday, I didn’t do it for myself, but for all those who love to write zombie erotica. You see, I am totally not into zombies at all. Okay, ‘at all’ might be a bit too strong in this case. Let me try to explain…

Master T loves zombie movies. The more guts and biting and horrific it is, the better. I cannot bear to look at that. But then came the TV series ‘The Walking Dead’. Where I don’t like to look at the zombies when they are really gross, I followed the series into (I think) the third season, when the plot got too thin and we stopped watching. I have also seen World War Z, and serious, I only realized that Z was for Zombie when Master T and my son told me and we were already at the movie theater. Otherwise I might not have joined them, but I actually enjoyed the movie. So you see, ‘at all’ was too strong to use, as there are some zombie movies/series I do enjoy.

But… zombie erotica? No! Yes, I can read it and depending on how gory the details, I can even like it, but write it myself. No. I really wanted to try it, but I couldn’t, because one image kept on playing over and over in my mind: a zombie woman sucks the dick of a zombie man (duh, obviously) and ends up with the dick in her mouth as it has fallen off the man. No, no, no, no, no! When I hear something or think about something, I see the images in my mind, and writing zombie erotica will drive me crazy, because I just know my mind will take me to those dark corners where I don’t want to go.

So this week I am sitting back and am going to enjoy the zombie erotica others have written, while leaving you with some ‘erotic’ zombie images… they freak me out.

Source images: left, middle, right.

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Wicked Wednesday

2 thoughts on “Yikes! Zombies!

  1. I am a big fan of horror but although I can watch zombie movies they aren’t top of my list, probably because I need a little more realism than dead people coming to life. I do however have a curiosity and the origins of zombies is something I find both fascinated and terrifying all at once.

  2. Yep, I am with you on this one, really not my thing, that is unless Tamsin writes it because today I have found out that maybe then it is my thing


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