What is sexy?

I haven’t participated in Food for Thought Friday for the last weeks, due to being incredibly busy with my book, and because of the February Photofest. The questions just didn’t tie in with the posts I had ready for the meme. Since February is over now, and I am waiting for the first proof of my book, I have more time to write.

sexySo, the question for this week:

What is sexy? Is it appearance, is it an attitude, or is it just some unfathomable quality that you see in someone?

Throughout my life, sexy has changed.

When I was about twelve, I was very much influenced by my peers. Back then, rugby players were sexy. They had to have broad shoulders, cute faces and play for the main school team. I didn’t look at boys in my class, because they didn’t play rugby. A year later, sexy changed. I fell for the bad boy of the school. He had a motorcycle, failed most tests and picked up every girl who was remotely interested. Neat girls were not supposed to fall for him, but they all did. And I did too. He was the first boy who touched my pussy and he was the first boy who made me incredibly sad, because he moved on to the next. Then, another year later, I fell for those in uniform – those that had to do their obligatory military service. Oh. My. Gosh. The uniforms. I got wet just seeing one, no matter who wore it.

My first husband was a looker. He was sexy too, and he knew it. I was happy that he had chosen me above anyone else, but my naivety was what gave him the opportunity to have someone on the side too. I never suspected that he had affairs, until I left him and the next day he had a girlfriend. Only then I realized that all the signs were there all the time. He’s still a looker and I think he’s still the cheating bastard he was back then. He taught me a valuable lesson though: it shouldn’t be about the looks, it should be about the person.

Without realizing it, my definition of sexy changed. No, it disappeared. I was interested in people, no matter what they looked like, or what they did. People interested me, whether they wore expensive clothes or not, whether they had a good job or not. It’s still like that, but then, I don’t find everyone sexy. Put two men next to each other, both wearing a suit, both with a good job, both able to have a proper conversation. It might so happen that I find one of them incredibly sexy, the other not. Why? I have no idea. Put two women next to each other and the same might happen. I might feel affection for one of them, but not for the other. Why? Yet again, I have no idea.

Growing up and growing older, something has changed. I don’t have a definition for sexy anymore. I don’t have a preference for what I find sexy or what not. Yes, it has become an unfathomable quality that I see in someone. Some people just have it: they ARE sexy!

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2 thoughts on “What is sexy?

  1. I have to say, I’m very much the same. I find someone sexy for no other reason than I find them sexy. If the “chemistry” is there, wonderful, if not, so be it.


  2. I agree that what we find sexy changes over time as we grow and have more experiences. Some people just ooze sex – it’s a strange and mysterious quality. I think charisma and confidence plays a large part.

    Great to see you back Rebel! And fab news about the book!

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