Weird Dream


Last night I had a dream. Two dreams actually, but since parts of the first came back in the second, it must have been one dream, even though I was awake in between the two parts.

The dream – part 1

I’m in bed, sleeping. I feel warm and content, enjoying the comfort of my duvet. I’m on my back, a way I cannot really sleep, which must be why I wake up. The first thing I become aware of is that I have to pee. Like other nights when I wake up with the urge, I now also lie still. Shall I get up and go to the loo? Maybe I don’t have to leave my warm nest and can fall asleep again. I close my eyes again. The urge is really strong and just as I drift off to sleep again, I pee a little. Immediately my eyes are open again. I’m startled. Damn, I haven’t peed the bed, have I? There’s a warmth between my legs that I don’t really mind. Shall I?

In the meantime I am not lying in my own bed anymore. I’m on a kind of stretcher and the floor beneath me has tiles, not the carpet I have in my bedroom. The second time I pee a little, it’s not an accident. I do it deliberately. Then I decide to just let go. I pee. It streams out of me, dances up in the air like a little fountain. I have my hands on my thighs and the pee streams over my hands. I run my hands through the fountain and rub the pee on my body, repeating it over and over again.

The interlude

This is where I woke up, on my back. I didn’t remember the dream at that moment, as there was one urge that had my attention: I needed to pee. Now this happened to me before too, that I dream I have to pee and then just as I am about to do so, I wake up and go to the bathroom. When I was a child, those were the nights I wet my bed. I dreamed that I went to the loo, pulled down my pajama bottoms and sit down to pee. Then, moments later I woke up in a wet bed.

Where the part comes from that I rubbed the pee into my body, I have no idea. We are totally not into doing anything with pee and I am not even remotely interested in it. By the time I came back to bed and turned onto my side to continue my sleep, I still didn’t remember the dream. But it must still have been in my subconscious…

Some background

Some months ago I met a man who really intrigued me. I don’t want to say too much about him, other than that he intrigues me and that I have the feeling that he’s more interested in me than he had shown up to now. Maybe he’s just waiting for the right moment and maybe it’s just my own imagination running away with me. Now, it’s not like I think about him constantly or even fantasize about him. Master T and I have spoken about him, and Master T is convinced too that this man is interested in me in more than just a friendly way. This man was nowhere in my thoughts when I got back into bed, but he did make an appearance in the dream. Let’s call him Sven.

The dream – part 2

I’m on the stretcher again and turn around to see Sven on a bed behind me. The room I am in is large and rectangular and a lot of light stream in from the huge windows. Next to the bed Sven is on, is another bed where a young man reads a comic. Sven is watching me. Between the stretcher and the bed he’s on, is a chair.

One moment I’m on the stretcher, the next I stand in front of the chair, looking at Sven. He doesn’t talk, but somehow I know he wants me to get on my knees, on the chair. I’m still naked. I do what he wants and at that moment I start blushing, wondering what he thinks of me, rubbing pee all over myself. I don’t have time to think about it anymore, as he spreads my buttocks and pushes a finger in me. He fingers my ass until I reach an orgasm, but while he does so, the young man and others (I don’t know who they are) come stand next to Sven and comments on what he’s doing. They all think it’s sexy and hot. The more comments I hear, the hornier I get.

One moment Sven’s still fingering my ass, the next we are looking back on what has happened. He shows me a photo. On it I see myself with him behind me, fingering me and next to me, on the chair, is a glass dildo standing proudly in the sun. I blush, smile at him and feel proud and sexy too.


I woke up and all day this dream-in-two-parts stayed with me. How did I get to dream about playing with my own urine. That’s one of my hard limits (and Master T’s) and we will never try it. That I dreamed about this man is something I understand. He’s definitely not in my mind constantly, but since Master T and I had a conversation about him some weeks ago, and since I have the feeling he’s interested and that he’s in for kinky things… well, that can explain why he appeared in my dream.

It was a weird dream, but weirdly enjoyable too…

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5 thoughts on “Weird Dream

  1. I kind of get this. Pee is, if not a hard limit of mind, certainly one I’m pretty sure I’ll never cross, but I can still see in fantasises why it might be hot x

  2. a rather hot sounding dream, I would enjoy watching for sure. I could take a guess but I think you might enjoy figuring it out for yourself better

  3. When I call my girl, during our long telephone conversations, I like it when she takes the phone into the bathroom with her so I can listen to her pee. Well, it turns me on anyhow…

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